NYMPH performs tonight in the Berkeley Art Museum.

We know it’s midterms season, but you’ve got to take a study break some time, and what better way than by taking a look at the Clog’s weekly guide on what to do over the weekend (and then,  you know, going out and doing it)?


It’s Homecoming weekend! We’re sure you’ve already heard about the many planned festivities, so shake off those anti-establishment post-protest blues and arm yourself with some school spirit for the legions of parents, siblings, and Bruin fans about to descend upon Berkeley. Or don’t, and go to Dog Night with NYMPH at the Berkeley Art Museum instead: A celebration of our furry friends (per Japanese Edo period edict) with NYMPH performing psychedelic, avant-garde music within the cavernous concrete museum as Daniel Jay projects accompanying visuals involving/related to/inspired by dogs. (Awesome? Possibly.)

If you just want to get away from it all, Two Blocks of Art will be taking over the Central Market area (and by two, they mean ten) and, unusually, black people will be dancing. No, really, we’re not being racist: read more »

Hyphy gets a bad (ha) rap for excessive … everything, but when it comes to the hometown heroes you gotta show support where you gotta show support, you know? Fans at Rasputin Music lined up around the block early last week to see E-40, hyphy kingpin and proud owner of a Fatburger franchise in Pleasant Hill, California, perform songs off his latest album. But that’s not the point! Because the point is this: Matt Price was there, and Matt Price was a Berkeley student who graduated with a degree from Cal’s Classics department in 2002, and Matt Price was the man who made that one Akon and E-40 collab, “Wake It Up”.

Pretty cool, right? Price said he got name-dropped by Oakland emcee Big Dan at the show (“Hey everybody, you know who this is? That m*therfucker made ‘Wake It Up’!”) — whereupon he was accosted by fans who wanted his autograph and a picture and all that good stuff. Cal was a while ago, but here’s what he got up to when he was here: read more »