The UC Board of Regents at UCLA met Wednesday to deliberate over fee raises for the 2008-09 school year. Faced with a choice between a) hiking up prices, and b) lobbying the state for money that it is most stubbornly not doling out to its quailing education system, the finance committee threw up its hands and ceded to the inevitable. It’s final, folks. We’re paying 7.4% more in fees next year, while non-Californians will be saddled with a painful 5% increase in out-of-state tuition (currently at a lurid $28,000 for both semesters).

After the meeting, police arrested 16 students who linked arms, chanted “Regents, regents, can’t you see; you’re creating po-ver-ty”, and refused to leave. Mad props, people. You won’t be living in trees anytime soon, but making rhymes and getting tackled by the police constitute some pretty serious baby steps. read more »