awesomeWith the seemingly unending stream of rankings that has sprung up, it’s hard to know which ones to pay attention to. We here at the Clog are happy to provide you with the quite obvious and simple answer: the ones that rate Berkeley favorably.

We’ve already ranted about the terrible injustices that have befallen us, so we’ll spare you the boredom. However, a rather promising ranking done recently by Washington Monthly has used a different approach to the traditional college ranking.

They’ve gone a little JFK on us and have based their ranking not on what “colleges can do for you,” but what “colleges [are] doing for the country.” UC Berkeley has earned third place on the list, which includes three categories: Social Mobility, Research and Service.

Social Mobility includes the number students receiving Pell grants and graduation rate. The second category, Research, includes research findings and undergraduates who go on to pursue PhDs. The final category, Service, is kind of self-explanatory.

The source article’s title is “College Rankings That Aren’t Ridiculous: Washington Monthly,” so you know this is legitimate.

Image Source: colinaut under Creative Commons

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