Guess a few dozen somebodies let their spoons get a little too big, know what we mean? No? Well, basically, those (self-described) “craven scum” UC executives — the ones who thought that NOW would be a good time to dredge up some unimplemented pension increases based on ASUC-esque technicalities — have been common sensibly shot down. Officially, this time. Sort of.

At least, as of Tuesday, we know that the UC Board of Regents Chair Russell Gould and UC President Mark Yudof jointly intend to formally put the issue to bed … to the best of their abilities … at the regents’ next meeting. They’ll get there soon enough.

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Today was the first day of November’s Regents’ meeting, and let us tell you, they’ve got all sorts of fun events planned.

There are some protests even today, but as Berkeleyside shrewdly noted, they were a little sleepy, at least on campus. On the agenda today is the always-stimulating Committee on Grounds and Buildings. Just kidding. That sounds pretty boring. So boring, in fact, that we’re not even going to look up what they’re doing. They could be voting to steamroller all of UC Berkeley’s campus and we’d never know. Yudof, take note.

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The three-day marathon strike/walkout/protest/slumber party/something has begun. The Clog will be bringing you more coverage later in the day, but for now check out the Daily Cal’s liveblog of the events, along with coverage of the Regents meeting at UCLA. We’ll be posting updates to our twitter as well.

Image Source: slimmer_jimmer under Creative Commons