Nothing is going right, it’s one of those days. It’s raining and you forgot your jacket, your socks are wet. You didn’t understand half the questions on your quiz in discussion and you can’t find a seat in Moffitt. When you were walking home a car hit a pothole and splashed water all over you. You tried to make a joke and no one laughed. It’s a bad day. What you could really use is a pick-me-up along with some instant noodles, a hot shower and a hug. We can’t help you with those last three but we can help you find some great compliments on the fly to help turn that frown upside down.

Emergency Compliment is a site just for that. It has nice collection of creative pick-me-ups that puts a grin on our faces. Here’s just a few:

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Peacekeeping - MINUSTAH

Contrary to what Pat Robertson thinks (this, by the way, is a phrase you should model your life by), Haiti did not make a pact with the devil. In fact, Haiti is horribly impoverished and in need of our (anyone’s) help. You can and should donate to the Red Cross and various other organizations, but you might also want to know why this happened, so we can prevent it in the future.

Knowledge will be offered tonight, Feb. 4th, at a lecture entitled “Why is Haiti Poor? Politics, Disaster, and the Predatory State.” Mark Danner, a professor at the Graduate School of Journalism, will be speaking. He recently wrote read more »