Amidst all the election excitement (or disappointment for any elephant lovers), this may seem a wholly irrelevant topic to bring up. But we’ll choose to think of it as a healthy break from all the politics. If you don’t agree, you can make it democratic and vote amongst yourselves.

Alongside thinking about the country’s future, we as students have to consider our own. What sort of classes are we going to take next semester? How many? Do we have any requirements left to fulfill? Counselors are there to help, but there are still a lot of decisions we have to make on our own. It comes down to choice, and sometimes the ones left just plain suck.


Take for example a student ahead of the game. By the end of the middle of their sophomore year, they’ve finished all their college requirements as well as their breadth courses. They wouldn’t be in Berkeley if they weren’t forward-thinking and academically-minded (we hope), so it makes sense that they’d have these done with in a timely manner. But what happens in these cases is that there’s technically nothing left to take but major and possible minor requirements. The student’s become so far ahead of the game that they’ve put themselves out of it. They probably won’t get priority for some of the upper division classes they’re interested in, and they’ve done everything else they need to. Should they just take classes for fun now? That’s too novel a concept to wrap your head around. Besides, Berkeley isn’t supposed to be an academic vacation, if there is such a thing.

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Leaf meh alone. Iz readin n composin.

We’re hoping there’s some overlap here between the aforementioned groups and “People Who Don’t Actually Open CalMail.” True? Great. Because we’ve got some boring news you should probably hear about:

If you haven’t gotten your Reading and Composition requirement knocked out yet, you should start thinking about it now, because in 2012 colleges will begin enforcing a rule that says students have to fulfill the requirement before the second semester of their sophomore year. According to Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost George Breslauer, starting next year, they’ll be allocating more funds for R and C courses, which means if you need to take one, there should be space for you.

And now back to your scheduled, hopefully more exciting Clog programming …

Image Source: Hey Christine under Creative Commons
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