A Beautiful Mascot.

A Beautiful Mascot.

When we at the Clog first heard about the new eatery on Telegraph Avenue, we were bit perplexed by its concept. Pasta-In-A-Box ? Sure, the name conjures up an image of the casual, “walk in wearing sweatpants and an over-sized T-shirt” dining experience the owners were probably going for, but pasta in a box is by no means an unique concept. As far as we know, if you order pasta for take-out in any other restaurant, you will probably receive pasta in some sort of box.  Perhaps Pasta-In-A-Box should have been more daring during the conceptual process- like “Pasta-In-A-Sphere” or “Pasta-In-An-Octagon” a la Gregoire. Maybe, even simply confuse customers with some surreal label such as “Pasta-In-A-Void.” In any case, the Clog was obligated to eat at a place that was honest enough to straight up call itself Pasta- In -A-Box. read more »


Listen up everyone, because this is really important. We know there’s been a lot of turmoil lately with the budget crisis and Rick Santorum’s existence and the ASUC Elections, but we can no longer occupy our minds with such small issues. There is in the world a much more prominent issue and The Daily Clog is going to take the first step in addressing it. So, let’s cut right to the chase: there is a restaurant in Oakland that serves only macaroni and cheese. We know. We’re really excited too. Let’s all take a deep breath and sit down and talk about this. read more »


For those who are still planning for Valentine’s Day celebrations, what’s a better way to enjoy the holiday than treating your date to a nice dinner?  Heck, even if you’re single, Valentine’s Day is a good excuse to go out with friends and treat yourself to an indulgent (and probably expensive) meal. There’s nothing better than scouting out good eats with your loved ones.

Of course, there are plenty of delicious restaurants in the Berkeley area to choose from. Below are some suggestions from us to consider when planning your night out. These restaurants have the food and ambiance that’s suitable for Valentine’s Day and as a plus, they are close to campus – we understand the plight of the car-deprived. Here is the list: read more »

fried oreoIf the words Man Vs. Food or Ace of Cakes seem far too familiar to you, then you have probably done more than your fair share of tuning in to the ultra famous Food Network. Like many shows on the network, the recent addition, Outrageous Food, seeks to find … well … just that: Outrageous food. And where better to go when looking for something outrageous than our very own Berkeley?

Though Berktown is filled to the brim with all its wacky places to eat, host of Outrageous Food, Tom Pizzica, took particular interest in Sumo Grub read more »

Can this new eatery — which just opened at the bizarro Telegraph Avenue and Bancroft Way that is the intersection of Euclid and Hearst Avenues — hold its own against Subway and American Apparel? Stay tuned to find out!

Thar she blows!

Well, they look like they’re closed in this picture. So maybe we won’t find out. Oh, hold on! Here we go: read more »

We've got a stew goin'!So we’ve got kind of a dilemma, here.

On the one hand, the Clog likes food. OK, we f*cking live for food. We will go to great lengths to obtain food, especially if it is free or particularly delicious.  We also like to consider ourselves somewhat environmentally aware–at least to the extent that the average Berkeley student is environmentally aware. Basically, we recycle and we believe in Michael Pollan and Steven Chu.

On the other hand, we don’t know if we’d go so far as to call ourselves “foodies” or die-hard “locavores.” We know it’s right and sustainable (and tasty) to eat like that, we just don’t always do it. read more »


For all our bitching, it seems that our fair city has kept its economic footing remarkably well throughout this whole recession thing. The Berkeley City Council passed a neat budget this week; no layoffs and about one percent growth. Whether a result of good governance or just another manifestation of our singular un-normalness, we could care less. We’ll take it, and we’re not about to toss out the recession card either, which has nicely excused our financial shortcomings thus far. For the curious, here’s the scoop and a theory or two on our unique little prosperity: read more »

The police busting in on parties, upsetting jerry-rigged decorations and shooing all the protesting kiddies home? Ain’t nothing new. Police busting in on parties organized by shady characters, then having to call up reinforcements from other cities because there were an estimated 400 soused louts partying it up when the host restaurant was designed to only hold 50? Dayum, we’re peeved we weren’t invited.

Not that we would’ve wanted to go to a party that ended in fistfights and people discharging guns at each other. Did we mention that the party organizer, Eugene Cockerham, has a long and illustrious history of hosting celebrations that get people killed? read more »

The East Bay Express’s Best Of issue came out recently, and we wanted to show some Berkeley pride for all the wondrous food and services our crazy town has to offer. Also, we wanted to throw our own two bits into the mix. Figures.

Ecstatic seat-wiggling and tummy-grumbling awarded to:

* Best Salads: Chez Panisse
Salads with homemade mozzarella and golden beets! Can Intermezzo top that? We’ll answer that for you: no.

read more »