We all know that storefronts on Telegraph Avenue are a hot commodity, mainly because they are a flipflop shuffle from, well–pretty much anywhere Berkeley students might find themselves at any given time. Thus, it follows that businesses that occupy the precious real estate close to campus are, most definitely, extremely important.

Accordingly, we felt it was our duty to check out (albeit, briefly) the newly reopened Rexall Owl Drugs (or is it Owl Rexall Drugs? Or Owl Drugs Rexall?) We admit it–we weren’t around for the old pharmacy, but Yelp says it kind of sucked, and was pushed O.O.B. by everyone’s favorite, Walgreen’s! Rexall Drugs 2.0 (Clarification: the new tenants of the Rexall facade, a.k.a. Sam’s Market) lacks the drugs, but now has a decent-looking deli counter, dairy products, fruit, a hefty selection of dry goods, and a truly impressive fridge section full of more varieties of root beer than we have ever seen–ever. read more »