Is there ever a day when UC Berkeley doesn’t get shiny accolades thrown at its feet? From Rhodes Scholarships to National Book Awards, these past few months have been quite a heavenly awards season for the geniuses among us.

Luckily for the admissions office, here are a few more distinguishing honors to add to the recruitment brochures.

* Discover Magazine released its top 100 most breakthrough science stories of 2007, and two UC Berkeley researchers are on the list. One did something important for the future of nanoscale optical imaging. The other took an interestingly morbid glimpse at the death positioning of fossilized dinosaurs.

* Last week, the Writer’s Guild of America nominated Lowell Bergman–a professor at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism–for three awards. We’re hoping a J-School tuition boost doesn’t follow.

* Surprise! We have grants, grants, and more grants. Silly British Petroleum hogs the spotlight, but thanks to the California Institue for Regenerative Medicine, we can afford to carry on with stem cell research. UC Berkeley will also assist in the improvement of national math and science education in an ironic move funded by Exxon Mobil.

* Lastly, people graduated! It isn’t exactly an award, but it’s a stellar accomplishment. Bravo.

The Clog offers our congratulations to all, and to all–happy finals.