This is a funny looking horse. Try not to read too much into it. CalSERVE, the oldest existing student political party on campus, has announced that they will not be running any executive candidates in the upcoming ASUC elections.

The move is a little perplexing, given that the party currently holds two of the five executive positions. And while they’ve had a rough two years following it, they swept all four of the partisan executive positions for the 2008-2009 school year.

They are also, it should be noted, one of the two major parties in the campus’s esteemed political system read more »

197Excited? Boy, so are we.

Your brand new prez: Noah Stern (Student Action)

Executive VP: Nanxi Liu (Student Action)

External Affairs VP: Ricardo Gomez (CalSERVE)

Academic Affairs VP: Viola Tang (CalSERVE)

Student Advocate: Kelly Fabian (Independent)

Senate rankings: 11 Student Action, 6 CalSERVE, 1 SQUELCH!, 1 Cooperative Movement, 1 Independent

B.E.A.R.S. Initiative: all systems go!

Constitutional Amendment: ditto

For all final votes and about a bajillion comments worth of feedback, hit the Daily Cal—or just tell us your multitudinous thoughts below.

ASUC General Election 2010 Results [Daily Cal]

As ASUC hopefuls get into the full swing of their campaigns, we’ve come to expect at least one thing for certain: Self-promotional videos. Lots of ‘em. Some will be funny (we’re looking at you, SQUELCH!–don’t disappoint), some will be awkward and some will be pretty douchey. But all of them will be–well–enlightening.

In that vein:

Berkeley’s favorite anthropomorphic bear goes straight for the jugular with his campaign video, in which he takes a distinct “Think of the children!” angle. Don’t you want your little brothers and sisters to have a fair shot at an education? Then vote CalSERVE, you heartless bastards!

Alright, alright, we kid. (Mostly.) But while we’re here, read more »

ASUC-athon 2010: Go time!OMG, guys we’re so excited! Know why? Know why? Guess! Oh man, it’s so exciting. Give up? OK, we’ll tell you. We’ve just received the first tasty morsel of information about this year’s upcoming ASUC elections–the CalSERVE party’s executive slate!

Those of you who are new to the campus may not be familiar with the endless parade of pointlessness associated with Berkeley’s student government elections campaigning, so be forewarned: After spring break, you will be ambushed and it will be unpleasant and confusing. But that’s all we’ll say about that for now.

And back to the matter at hand. Here are the lucky(-ish) winners of whatever mysterious game is in charge of deciding these things: read more »

There’s plenty to be seen and heard in terms of walkout coverage on the ground

Image Source: Anna Hiatt, Daily Cal

… but what about the rest of the world watching via the Internet? Here are some highlights:

Wednesday, Nov. 18

6:51 p.m.

“As hundreds of students rushed the building today where UC Regents were meeting – throwing wet red bandannas meant to look like blood – the regents’ finance committee voted to recommend a 32 percent student fee increase, setting off read more »


It’s Christmas come early at the Clog, boys and girls. Considering how long it’s been (read: over five months) since we last cleaned out our comment closet, we’ve got a veritable Santa’s bag of goodies this time around.

Where O where to begin? Perhaps an appetizer featuring unexpected “your mom” jokes? Or maybe you prefer to whet your taste with a tall glass of ummm-fair-enough?

OK, sorry, the allegory was starting to creep us out, too. read more »

bearcardoRicardo Gomez (a.k.a Bearcardo) has been something of ubiquitous presence in our lives during this past semester, what with his involvement in the walkout and compulsive commenting on the Daily Cal website and the Clog. So much so that he is a known personality even among the other commenters.
As one guest put it:


So who is this mysterious character? The Clog sat down with him a few weeks ago to find out.

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