If the name doesn’t ring a bell, we’re talking about the third-party political activist who described himself as “a watermelon – red on the inside, green on the outside.” Peter Camejo helped found the California Green Party in 1991 and ran three times for governor of California.

He also ran as Ralph Nader’s vice presidential running mate in the 2004 presidential election and for president in 1976 as the Socialist Workers Party candidate. Camejo said that he never expected to win, but wanted to help elevate the Green Party to the mainstream political stage. read more »

Filmed in the spring of 1970, this featured YouTube clip follows a “typical” protest of the time. None of this nansy-pansy nudie stuff. This is teargas and cars/flags on fire.

During 1970, President Nixon was dealing with Vietnam. Governor Reagan had major issues with UC Berkeley at this time, saying that he would “clean up the mess at Berkeley.” Apparently, the cleaning-up process involved constant police presence and an even angrier student body.

Makes you wonder why the Berkeley College Republicans like to celebrate Reagan’s birthday on Sproul. We’ll never understand that logic.

1970 Berkeley Riots – My First Quarter at Berkeley [YouTube]