Robert Reich
Robert Reich

Don’t miss out! Robert Reich and former president of Chile Ricardo Lagos will be speaking at Boalt Law School’s Booth Auditorium tomorrow at 12:30pm. The event, held by the Center for Latin American Studies, is called “Inequality: A Dialogue for the Americas.”

Ricardo Lagos
Ricardo Lagos

Robert Reich is a Professor of Public Policy at UC Berkeley and former Secretary of Labor during the Clinton administration. Lagos served as president of Chile from 2000-2006 and in 2006 was awarded the Berkeley Medal by Chancellor Birgeneau — a title regarded as Berkeley’s highest honor … Ya, we know, they both sound pretty legitimate!

So, for all you students who have tried for numerous years to get into Reich’s Wealth and Poverty course — but of course, have been denied by the wait list — this is a great alternative to see him in action!

Robert Reich tells 'em who's boss

Robert Reich tells 'em who's boss

Robert Reich. Whether you know him from Occupy Cal last fall, the Clinton administration, his Wealth and Poverty class, this video or are just a public policy junkie, you have to admit: that man knows how to speak. That may not seem like quite a statement about someone, but really, he can charm a crowd, lead them, make economics interesting and digestible. Did we mention this video? (Seriously, watch it).

So don’t miss out on seeing him tomorrow night, Thurs. Feb. 23 at Pauley Ballroom in MLK Jr. Student Union. He’ll be giving the “3rd Annual Michael Nacht Distinguished Lecture in Politics and Public Policy,” or as it’s less boring-ly called “2012: a Turning Point? If So, Which Way?” Basically, he’ll be telling us our future. read more »

What happens when occupiers’ attempts at putting up tents is thwarted by brutal police action?DSC02695

They come back stronger, louder and angrier, uniting across different movements. How? That’s right, you guessed it.

They put up even more tents.

Sproul Plaza, 10 p.m. — As the Clog surveys the excited and ecstatic scene post-Robert Reich lecture, we can’t help but wonder if this is the most charged atmosphere the school has seen in recents years. read more »

Labor Day picnic

Nowadays, Labor Day is most celebrated for being that awesome three-day weekend that happens right when we need it — days after classes start. It’s the final goodbye to summer that makes just about everyone feel the need to bask in the afternoon sun and share a picnic lunch with friends. But there’s someone here on the Berkeley campus who’s got a bit of a different take on the holiday …

Robert Reich is calling for protests! He’s not talking about pulling whatever fire alarm is closest or camping out on top of the library, which means a whole lot of Berkeley students might not even consider Reich’s approach a real protest.

Luckily, the man knows a thing or two about the way these things work, and instead, read more »

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Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

People who were relieved to hear about Governor Brown’s decision to veto the legislature’s proposed budget include, but were certainly not limited to, Chancellor Birgeneau. [News Center]

Lucky guests joined First Lady Michelle Obama at the Claremont Hotel for a $1000 event that included, but was certainly not limited to, baked eggs. Groups that could not attend included, but were certainly not limited to, the Daily Cal. [Daily Cal]

We’ve never heard of plasmon rulers, but read more »


Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

This past Friday, a Berkeley fraternity member died of apparent suicide. The Clog expresses its very sincere condolences to all affected by this tragedy. [Daily Cal]

Upsetting to a lesser degree, Beckett’s will be closing sometime in the next few weeks. Farewell, most fabulous fish and chips of all time. [SFGate]

A review of Robert Reich’s latest book, “Aftershock: The Next Economy and America’s Future,” begins: “Robert Reich is a very smart fellow.” Ummm, yep. Can’t argue that one. []

Random: Berkeley study shows that video games are great for lazy eye syndrome. Also for deteriorating social life. [gamrFeed]

Image Source: Lara Brucker, Daily Cal [TtLG]
Earlier: Holy Biofuel, Batman!


Whilst the big shots, bosses, boys upstairs, and Robert Reich debate unpalatable structural changes, the folks on the ground level, smoldering, announce that “having accomplished virtually nothing with last semester’s efforts, we see no alternative but to keep at it” (more or less). Sweet …

The first “Strike and Day of Action” will take place on read more »

r reich

“Just to see the looks on their fat conservative faces.” Robert Reich did not say this. However, in view of his radical new solution to UC’s budget problem, we can’t help but feel that the sentiment was probably there.

At the UC’s Commission on the Future panel, Reich suggested that the UC abolish student fees altogether and instead read more »

3417023903_e0d4a9e612 Robert Reich, former U.S. secretary of labor and professor of public policy extraordinaire, is clearly jonesing for another prestigious title: the king of comedy. Yes, you read that correctly. Reich gave a talk in Chicago at Northwestern’s law school about the economy and miracle of miracles, he managed to keep it light.

While acknowledging the soaring unemployment (which hit 10.2 percent by some estimates on that same Friday), he kept it breezy. Case in point: “‘As you can see, the economy has worn me down. A year and a half ago, I was 6-foot-2.’”

This barrel of laughs wasn’t just jokey, either—he was informative. Reich had time between guffaws to advocate his own ideas for economy fixing: a single-payer healthcare system and a new government jobs program.

He also clearly wants his own sitcom, with lines like these: “‘An economist is somebody who didn’t have the personality to become an accountant.’” Oh, snap. He added: “‘How many people did I just insult?’”

No worries, Reich. We like our grim economic news with a little sugar. We only wish your badassery would extend to other economists. Especially those wet blankets over at the Federal Reserve.

Image source: Policy Network under Creative Commons
Reich lightens up [Chicago Tribune]

During his spiel at last week’s on-campus conference entitled “What Ails California?”, Berkeley alum and former UC regent Bill Bagley spoke of the golden era in our state assembly, a time when most current undergraduates were probably busy teething or learning to ride a two-wheeler or building a California Mission out of sugar cubes—a time devoid of party lines, term limits, and the special interest groups our state legislators have become so codependent on.

A time, presumably, when the public’s dime sufficed to read more »

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