A time of merry calls for a ridiculous number of baked goods.

A time of merry calls for a ridiculous number of baked goods.

You may have heard that fellow Berkeley grad students, Roberto Hernández and Layda Negrete, were nominated for several awards for the 32nd News & Documentary Emmy ceremony due to their documentary, “Presunto Culpable” (“Presumed Guilty”). We at The Daily Clog are happy to announce that they were awarded the Emmy for “Outstanding Investigative Journalism (long form)” on Sept. 26 in New York.

Hernández accepted the award on stage alongside Antonio “Toño” Zúñiga, whose court case was featured in the film.

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We at the Clog love to live vicariously through the wild success of our fellow Berkeleyans, and needless to say, we did a victory lap when we heard that some Berkeley folk would be making an appearance at the Emmys. So, maybe it’s not our nomination exactly, but two grad students plan to be reppin’ Cal at the News and Documentary Emmys on Sept. 26 for doing what Berkeley does best: combining research with activism to make a delicious cocktail of justice.

Public-policy grad students Roberto Hernández and Layda Negrete were nominated for their documentary “Presunto Culpable” (or “Presumed Guilty”) in the categories of best documentary, outstanding investigative journalism (long form) and best research. They began read more »