Have you ever wondered about weird chalk writing around the campus? No, it’s not Student Action (oh, that joke will never get old). Apparently, it’s love, according to posters on the UC Berkeley LiveJournal Community:

bq. Since about two weeks ago, somebody chalked a series of phrases starting from Memorial Glade up to Sather Gate. They started out like “She always orders hot dogs,” “She kisses you even when you’re driving”; then they turned into “We’re fatasses,” “We make each other laugh”; and by Sproul Plaza they became pleads: “You were selfless. You are perfect. Please take me back. I’ll be different…”

bq. It was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen (made me cry a little, frankly). Anyone know the story behind this? (Did she take him back?)

And, more importantly, did he use hairspray?

One LJ-er claims to have seen the denouement:

bq. actually the messages led to Sproul, where he played music and held up placards (like in love actually, when the guy who is in love with Keira Knightly) saying things about how amazing she was and how he was sorry. Then he gave her flowers and she kissed him, and everyone who figured out what was going on applauded.

Most of the LJ-ers seemed to think the whole thing sweet, cute, adorable–insert your sappy adjective here. It makes us think that A) they are either lowerclassmen or B) they are normal human beings untainted by blogger cynicism.

At least one LJ-er is on our side, saying that: “I thought it was an art installation that was meant to be kind of ironic. I guess I have no soul.”

Souls, shmouls. An art installation would have been an excellent idea. Plus, that would have guaranteed free wine and beer and cheese at its art-studio-sponsored opening.

Image Source: Mike Plante
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