shorts11-235x300Oh, right—excuse this rock we’ve been calling our home. But seriously, on the off-chance you needed us to push the proposed fee hikes to the forefront of your mind, the UC Board of Regents will be discussing said shenanigans tomorrow. Capital Public Radio, in a segment on the subject, interviewed a Berkeley student whose name strikes us as quite familiar … [CPR]

So now that we’ve got you all bummed about money, how about going out and spending it—on chocolate! This weekend marks Ghirardelli Square’s 14th Annual Chocolate Festival, with vendors open from 12 to 5 offering samples (15 for $20). Miam miam! [BARE]

In more solemn news, there will be a a public memorial for Ronald Takaki, former professor of ethnic studies at UC Berkeley, this Friday from 1 to 3 p.m. in the International House’s Chevron Auditorium. Takaki, who passed away May 26, taught the “first black history course in the UC system.” The Clog expresses its condolences. [Contra Costa Times]

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