With tuition, housing, food, and overpriced movie tickets to pay for, we all consider ourselves poor college students. Every timeHow To - Be A Cheap Student we open our wallets, we’re faced with a gaping black hole – and we know better than to put any money in there since it’ll just get sucked back up. And unfortunately, we don’t have a source of unearned income like we did back home with the family. So how do you get around all of this?

Take advantage of those meal points! Since you studious people are in class for most of the day, chances are that you skip a few meals during the week. Under one of the regular meal plans, you can usually have two meals in the dining hall every day, so if you eat less than that, then you should have a few to spare every now and then. You may think that the Bear Market or the RSF’s refueling station are overpriced, but it’s a great way to stock up on snacks and other small items that you can bring to class and eat-on-the-go.

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For those of you who have taken the trek down to the RSF before, you might be wondering whether there are any swimming pools amidst the myriad of basketball courts and cardio machines. Not only is there a pretty big pool to gawk at, but the people using it are quite impressive themselves. With the recent successful recruitment of megastar Missy Franklin toHow Missy Franklin Affects You Berkeley, our Olympic-sized pool now serves someone who’s already been in and out of a lot of them.

This – obviously – makes our swim team indisputably better, but how does it change the way you live your life?

For all you ladies who inconspicuously stared at Nathan Adrian flipping his hair for the last few years, your time is up. Now it’s the guys’ turn – you can marvel at Franklin…’s five Olympic medals. The girl is a year younger than the current freshman class, and she’s already a bigger global icon than some of us could ever hope to be. She’s bringing just four gold pieces to the university… just four! That is, if you’re ignoring the single bronze and the seven other medals that have been put around her neck at the World Championships.

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Cardio all day every day

Cardio all day every day

Ah, yes, the classic college student dilemma: If we put off our studying to go work out, we might be too tired to properly study afterwards. If we do study now and put off our workouts, we might just end up too enthralled in our paper or proof to leave. And let’s face it, sometimes we cannot even dig ourselves out of the avalanche of books and papers and empty Cheetos bags without some excavator of sorts, so forget crawling our tired butts to the gym!

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running shoes

Hey, you. Yeah, you, just sitting all slumped in front of the comp, most likely consistently glancing at your Facebook tab when taking breaks from reading. Go out and exercise. ‘Ey, now don’t tell me you’re too busy for it, or that exercise is boring as f*** and your time could be utilized in a better manner. Don’t want to hear it because this week’s PLAYgreen 2012 is making those excuses from sweating and physically pushing yourself totally inapplicable.

Care to hear more? Forget giving you an option, you should keep reading on (Facebook can wait).

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This evening, as we made our roughly fortnightly trek to the gym, we noticed it was a bit more crowded than usual, not that we would really know.

As it turns out, tonight was the kick off of the fitness class/shameless Nike promotion, the Nike Training Club (for ladies). Apparently it involved free tank tops and trying on Nike running shoes. Given the fact that so many people showed up that some were turned away, we’re willing to bet that they’re fresh out of tank tops, but there are other freebies still to be had.

The classes are continuing on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:45 p.m. in the RSF for the next six weeks, so if you’ve fallen off the wagon on your New Year’s Resolution, this could be your chance. Or you could continue to watch YouTube videos instead. We don’t judge.

Image Source: kevindooley under Creative Commons
FREE Nike Fitness Class at Cal’s RSF [Facebook]


Not a green bandwagon, mind you, but the “green” trend. Oh, never mind. Just know that the next time you use an RSF towel to wipe the sweat off your fevered brow during spin class, you are helping the green movement.

That’s right, folks–that day you were waiting for is finally here. No, we’re not talking about the release of the latest Twilight movie (which you were only going to see ironically) or that long-awaited coupon for a free bagel. We’re talking the RSF is now read more »


Berkeley sure loves to think of itself as a trend setter. Few would deny: Berkeley is probably the most environmentally stylin’ kid in its (national) class.

In line with this, our campus has decided that old fashioned drinking fountains, the age old alternative to dizzyingly expensive bottled water, are so 2006. In the ’09, it’s all about hydration stations.

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Berkeley KNOWS we love it. Isn't that ENOUGH?For the most part, we like to remember last year fondly.  The economy wasn’t quite so far down the pisser, the tree-sitters were over by the stadium, throwing fecal matter at people and generally doing what they did, Code Pink was constantly coming up with new ways to be ridiculous … Life was pretty good and we don’t want to complain.

However, that being said, there was one thing from last year we’d kind of hoped we wouldn’t be reminded of ever again (except for, you know, every single solitary time we step onto campus). That was the sudden appearance of these. read more »

Last week, intramural sports proved to be as stress-worthy as those pesky little letters we all fear and loathe. Wednesday through Friday, the sidewalk outside the Recreational Sports Facility played host to either a mini tent city or a parade route, depending on which side of “hobo” you consider the average Cal student, as eager team captains arrived late at night or in the wee hours of the morning to be first in line for the 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. team sign-ups.

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Steel Drums

We are so over paying that irresistibly affordable $10/semester (and summer) for RSF gym membership, and wanted to turn the escapade into little more than a handful of trips to the gym at the beginning of the school year. In our defense, even when we did have time to burn off some minty Newman-O’s, waiting for our turn on the elliptical machines and watching MTV-U on the silent TV’s got old real fast.

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