Unfortunately — as most of you probably already know — it looks like there will be yet another tuition increase. This news is already enough to send us to angry town, but it gets worse. Did you know that while our tuition is going up, UC administrators and executives are getting raises?!

If you think that these raises are a bit insensitive to UC students and don’t make sense considering all the talk of budget cuts, you’re not alone. California State Senator Leland Yee is a little upset as well. That’s why he introduced a bill that would limit the pay increases for university executives.

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Everyone’s favorite Chancellor Birgie gave the world a little piece of his mind in the Opinion section of today’s Sacramento Bee. (So he does do stuff besides preside over giant sushi-rolling and wave genially, after all!) In this article, he claims that the rainbows-and-sunshine “free education” ideal from whence many a-protest chant has sprung might not be so ideal. read more »