2323053026_267013487a_mThe next time you hear a professor complain about a pay cut, just mention the following fact. According to a report by the American Association of University Professors, UC Berkeley professors are among the top-earning in the nation. Berkeley has landed number 13 on the list of highest average annual salaries of university professors with a respectable $149, 100.

The highest paying university is Harvard (because no one was expecting that) with an average annual salary of $193, 800. And right above us on the list is fellow UC, UCLA, with $153,700. With all these budget cuts, it’s nice to see that at least some people at Berkeley are still getting money.

Image Source: ArghMonkey under Creative Commons
The Highest-Paying Colleges: American Association of University Professors Study [Huffington Post]

* Once again, it’s proof that football rules the (college) world.

* Nothing compares to you. In other words: Love yourself. Yes, in that way too.

* In case of the Big One, let’s hope Sean Penn will rescue us from our Berkeley rubble.

* Looking for cheaper housing? Yet another “co-ops: which one?” discussion.

nothing compares [YouTube]
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