We here at the Clog love college rankings, especially the ones that rank Berkeley at the top — or at least above Stanford. So when we heard that PayScale recently announced college rankings based on graduate salaries, we couldn’t wait to see our wonderful institution of higher learning at the top. Think about it: another high ranking to brag about (see mom and dad, these loans are totally worth it!) and the promise of a high salary. Talk about a win-win.

But then we saw the rankings, and boy were we disappointed. When ranked by mid-career median salaries, UC Berkeley came in read more »

Mark YudofWell, no. He may be sort of a standing joke among the Cloggers (and many UCers), but at least his salary hasn’t hit 9 digits. At $783, 103, the Chronicle of Higher Education’s annual report places Mark Yudof seventh on the list of highest-earning executives at public universities.

At a staggering $1,818,911 per year, Ohio State University’s E. Gordon Gee earns the title of most highly compensated president. The information was taken from the fiscal year of 2009-2010 and the Chronicle differentiated between total compensation, which does not include provisions or retirement, and total cost of employment.

Lawmakers are not unaware of the inordinately high costs of these executives, but in order to keep quality leadership, they must be willing to pay the price. One Ohio senator describes it as a “throw-your-hands-up-in-the-air sort of sentiment.” Don’t think we aren’t a little bit understanding. If you’re gonna splurge for the buckwheats, then you kind of need to make the big bucks.

Image Source: Keoki Seu under Creative Commons
The Highest-Earning Public College Presidents [Huffington Post]


Ever worry about what’s going to happen after leaving the bubble of safety that the campus offers, and moving on into the real world? Afraid that these trying times will leave you broke, jobless or some unfortunate combination of the two?

Well don’t panic, because for every panic-stricken student paralyzed by the thought that they worked their ass off for a degree that might not even guarantee them a job, let alone a career, there is hope for you yet! The New York Times has released a list of the 20 American colleges and universities that produce the highest-earning alumni, and, well, the University of California, Berkeley is on it. read more »

3874756199_fb16eb129cThinking of becoming a professor or just want to complain about how much the chancellor’s making while tuition fees are going up? Check out ucpay.globl.org, which allows you to look up the salary of any UC employee.

The data was obtained via public records requests by the San Francisco Chronicle. Sounds pretty legit to us. We had some fun with the salary generator. Here’s some that might interest you:

Robert Birgeneau: $445,716.00

John Yoo: $248,766.01

Judith Butler: $166,385.22

Hubert Dreyfus: $45,000.00

Alex Filippenko: $216,733.30

Richard Muller: $199,333.30

That’s right. Professor Dreyfus, inspiration for the Professor on Family Guy Futurama (thanks Ricardo and Matt), makes less than a third of what the other professors make and our chancellor makes more than the President. Don’t ask us.

ucpay.globl.org [Website]
Image Source: S Migol under Creative Commons.