What Berkeley happenings do you think deserve some end-of-the-year-list lovin’?

As 2007 creeps to a close, media outlets are breaking out with the traditional top 10 lists. Our friends at the Chron will attempt to compile one on New Year’s Eve, strolling down the Bay Area’s memory lane for the top 10 newsworthy stories of the year. You may vote for your favorites at their site. Some university-related scoops from the past year that made the preliminaries include UC President Robert Dynes’ resignation, the tree sitters (duh), and the fee hikes that ravaged California State University and the University of California.

The Daily Cal is also joining the nostalgia party, reminiscing on the top 100 stories of the Fall production period during all of Winter Break. Of course, 97 of those stories will have something to do with trees (of both the oak and cardinal varieties).

Yes, it seems the year went by in a flurry of oak grove and football reports, but don’t forget those sleeper stories that avoided the claws of perpetual attention. Remember Berkeley Iceland, anyone? How about that GSI almost-strike?

The Clog will now leave you to reflect and comment on your own favorite stories of 2007.

Merry (belated) Christmas, and have a Happy Kwanzaa!

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 Yesterday the SF Chronicle ran one article and one editorial on issues in colleges. The article addressed how colleges cope with extremely large classes. The editorial was part of a “weekly guide to higher education” and addressed the possibility of the UC changing the weight of the SAT in the admissions process.We thought the Chron was fascinated with us, so it makes us sad when they don’t mention the school across the bay, especially when the articles apply to us so directly. Who has big classes? Berkeley has big classes! And who had to take the SAT? Berkeley students had to take the SAT!OK, so in this case it was AP that covered the story about the big classes. So we’ll cut them some slack … but we don’t want Berkeley’s perspective on big classes or the SAT to be left out of the picture.In regard to big classes, at least we don’t have classes bigger than 1,200, like the University of Colorado. But, well, Chem 1A, among other huge classes, pretty much suck.In regard to whether the SAT should still be strongly considered in UC applications: A comment from a Berkeley student on the Chron’s weekly feature gave an interesting perspective and gave it with almost more (reckless) school spirit than the ASUC. They even exercised the triple-question mark, voicing that, once again, the Chron doesn’t understand Berkeley.
UC Berkeley is without question the top University in the world, which makes it one of the most competitive for entry. As give-away grades are still an issue in high schools and cheating on tests a known factor … what then would be a fair standard for admission??? … Not everyone can go to Berkeley . A sad but true realization is that all students are not created equal.

The Clog thinks that things shouldn’t be made easy for incoming applicants because they already have the advantage of the StatFinder.Colleges Cope With Bigger Classes [SF Gate]College Bound: A weekly guide to higher education [SF Gate]

The duo suspected of stealing from open houses was arrested today, police said. Thirty-year-old Paul McClung, pictured right, and 59-year-old Carol Ann Chapman allegedly posed as son and mother looking for a house together. According to the police, Chapman talks to the realtor while McClung steals wallets and purses.

The two were arrested while driving a rented Hummer out-of-state. The Chron reports that the “OnStar vehicle tracking system led police to the pair.”

During one open house, the pair allegedly made off with an officer’s badge.

bq. At a recent open-house in Oakland, McClung stole a badge belonging to a former Santa Barbara police officer, police said. On June 10, he appeared at a Kensington real-estate office with the badge on his belt, claimed to be an officer moving to the area from San Diego and asked for a listing of all open houses, police said. During the visit, he allegedly stole a wallet.

We don’t know how many wallet-snatchings the Chron mentioned in this one story, but whatever the amount, that’s crazy.

We wonder if the team saw our excitement over a recent open house in the area. We were just kidding about the caviar.

Image Source: The Daily Cal
Police arrest alleged open-house thieves [SF Chronicle]
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