reindeer really know how to fly

You know the holidays are drawing near when the reindeer come to town.

Wait, what???

Yes, you heard us right the first time; the reindeer have come to town (aka San Francisco).

The city might not be quite cool enough (literally) to score Santa’s own Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen, but the San Francisco Zoo seems pretty pleased with the little loves they do have — a very festive quartet of reindeer named Belle, Holly, Peppermint and Velvet.

They’re cute as can be, and you can catch a peek of ‘em all through the holiday season at the zoo. Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away, all!

Image Source: santheo under Creative Commons
Reindeers Land in San Francisco [NBC Bay Area]

390552100_2d5a1d6413Okay, so we’re sure most of us can agree that Feb. 14 is a steaming load of bollocks. But whether you’re single and loath to feel the least bit sorry for yourself, or blissfully in love and still of the opinion that Valentine’s Day is dumb as f*ck, there is NOTHING preventing you from getting out and milking the occasion for every drop of awesome it possibly has to offer.

Don’t Wait Till the Weekend
SF Bay Guardian lists a cornucopia of opportunities beginning as early as tomorrow night—among these Cal Academy’s weekly Thursday NightLife, Burlesque-wrestlemania, and something that the post’s author has dubbed “Arabs Gone Wild.” Prices range from nonexistent to moderately affordable.

Vegans Need Love Too!
Hence, Berkeley’s Vegan Valentine’s Day Dance. It’s not on V-Day exactly (rather Friday, Feb. 12) and tickets are a little on the steep side ($50 a person), but they get you access to an open bar, fabulous food and raffle tickets rendering you eligible for miscellaneous goodie bags and gift certificates. Plus, singles as well as couples are invited, AND it’s LGBT-friendly. Can you say love, twu love? read more »


No doubt you heard of the 17-year-old who was mauled to death by a tiger at the San Francisco Zoo.

And, if you read the Chron, you’ve seen the 1631 comments abusing the victims of the attack for their alcohol intoxication when the attack occured (among other signs of irresponsible behavior).

But you probably don’t know that Berkeley resident Sam Singer is the official PR guy for the Zoological Society of San Francisco, the managers of the zoo.

With his impressive resume of experience, is Singer just skewing the facts about irresponsible behavior to keep the crowds at the zoo?

Maybe so, but we don’t think the accident is entirely the zoo’s fault.
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