As the wise Liz Lemon once said, “All of human kind has one thing in common. The sandwich” (have you noticed we love 30 Rock?). And what better finals-frenzy food is there than a sandwich? The sandwich is a delightful package of goodness, perfect for eating while studying … or watching Netflix. Let the Clog take you on a magical ride through a world where bread, meat, cheese, veggies and condiments can be together as one …

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sufficient groundsIf you picked up yesterday’s issue of the Daily Cal and decided to test out Sufficient Grounds, the winner for “Best Sandwich,” you’ll see that it in fact no longer exists. Despite their new colorful, seizure-inducing marquee board, Sather Lane has pretty much turned into a ghost town and Sufficient Grounds is just the latest business casualty.

Seems that the only business that can endure recession frugality and the ridiculously high rent (around $7,500 per month) is student fave Yogurt Park. And really, why walk any further when the best fro-yo in Berkeley is right there? (And is it just us or does there seem to be an inverse relationship between the success of the economy and the success of yogurt shops?)

What made their sandwiches so unique was the owner’s special bread recipe (literally handed down through generations), and it seems that tough times have led him to consider selling it for a “hefty” sum. Die-hard fans, it’s not too late to get out your wallets. The owner is also considering reopening in Berkeley or Southern California.

We can’t help but wonder whether the sandwiches that could serve a nuclear family or the interminable donut samples have anything to do with the closing. Nevertheless, we will mourn the loss of your original honey wheat bread. Sufficient Grounds, you will always be more than sufficient in our eyes. *Sniff*

Image Source: Skyler Reid, Daily Cal
Rising Costs Force Sufficient Grounds to Close [Daily Cal]

Mon Dieu!

There are plenty of cafes around Berkeley, and everybody’s got their favorite sandwich place. But if you’re hunkering for a little haute cuisine in your ham and cheese, then it’s Gregoire for lunch for you.

Across from Elephant Pharmacy, Gregoire’s little joint serves lunch and dinner, but the sandwiches are the real draw. It serves up organic fare done in French style, and the menu changes monthly. What do we recommend for April? Well, the poached sole was like butta.

Oh, and don’t forget to order a side of potato puffs–fried potato balls with mashed potato inside. They’re a meal in themselves.

Location: 2109 Cedar Street, walking distance from campus
Price: Ranges from $6-$8 for a sandwich (comes with small salad du jour)
Notes: You can call ahead and pick up your order.

Image Source: ImipolexG under Creative Commons
Gregoire [Web site]
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