Toaster Oven (new)

Do you love food? Do you? Don’t you dare lie to us, we know everything about you (the bare minimum at least).

So you do, right? The Clog adores food like no other. There’s not a single ounce of benefit that comes from pretending the sandwich pictured above is not sexy. Not a single ounce. Don’t worry, just staring at the picture won’t make you gain weight – only merely test the willpower of your appetite.

Yes, okay. We have successfully established that we all love food, that food is the only thing we can all rely on when those “forever alone” moments come up. It’s not “Foodholic Anonymous” we’re running here. The Clog is a reliable source for feedback on food because believe it or not, despite our reputed snarky sarcasm and god-like bodies (okay, no), we’re actual, normal human beings who need to eat. So we turned towards the new kid in town, The Toaster Oven Sandwich Shop, located next to the Chipotle near campus on Telegraph, thinking, “Let’s test this little, eager-to-please young’un.”

Were we impressed? Astounded? Disappointed? Spewing unprintable profanities in regard to unfavorable prices for broke college students? Well … read more »