After discovering the latest omen of the world’s coming demise, the Clog encourages Berkeley students to put down their books and enjoy their short-lived time on earth.

One day ahead of Halloween and four ahead of the biggest, bestest, most exciting election ever, celebrators are hanging up effigies of Sarah Palin and Barack Obama–literally. In Los Angeles, a homeowner who trussed up a mannequin of Palin in a noose had to take the effigy down after people mobbed his house and erected large sheets to block out the sight. It’s no surprise that flaunting that kind of political statement is liable to get you variously protested, abused, cursed at and surreptitiously peed upon, but this guy not only endured all of the above. He also got paid a visit by the U.S. Secret Service.

That’s pretty intense, but effigies of Obama have turned up repeatedly too, and they’re nastier by a yard and a half. read more »

After discovering the latest omen of the world’s coming demise, the Clog encourages Berkeley students to put down their books and enjoy their short-lived time on earth. 


Now you can stop Photoshop-ing Sarah Palin’s head on sexy bikini bodies and fantasizing about what’s under that pink blazer, those wire framed spectacles and the trademark Palin updo. Live footage from a 1984 Miss Alaska beauty pageant shows the real Palin sashaying around in a one-piece with big 80′s hair and cheesy elevator music setting the mood. We’re sure this will only be fuel for the recent Palin Stripper Contests and the endless “Palin is hot” jokes, most notably Alec Baldwin’s recent comments.

It’s nice to see Palin wearing next to nothing after recent reports that she spent over $150,000 for clothes, hairstyling and other “accessories” during her time in the campaign, including a shopping spree at Neiman Marcus. This is from the woman who used to hunt and cook her own moose meat.

As if it wasn’t hard enough already to take her seriously.

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SARAH PALIN SWIMSUIT: Beauty Pageant 1984 [YouTube]

This Halloween, it’s the Great ASUC, Charlie Brown! On Wednesday, senators proposed a bill “In Support of the Halloween Meeting.” (And now we understand why ASUC meetings take 12 hours … )

The bill states, ” … WHEREAS, one of the main missions of this year’s Senate is to both increase outreach for the ASUC as well as accessibility and transparency for ASUC Senate meetings … THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the October 29th meeting of the ASUC Senate be declared the “Halloween Meeting” … ”

The bill goes on to encourage all ASUC senators and executives to “bring candy and food for guests and elected officials to ‘trick-or-treat’” and to come in costume. It also goes on to “condemn anyone who either votes against this bill or does not participate in the Halloween festivities as ‘depressing nihilistic party poopers.’” read more »

Are you running out of things to distract you from studying as your midterms wind down? We know, we know, exhausting of precious procrastination tools is an urgent problem this time of year, and we’re here to help.

Because even clicking through Facebook photos of yourself can get boring after a while, the Clog recommends this site:

We hate to beat a dead horse (or moose) with the “Sarah Palinstuff, but at, you’re guaranteed to discover something new and disconcerting with every click. Visit at your own risk, though. It–like any good instrument of distraction–is extremely addictive.

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Ah, tables on Upper Sproul Plaza. How we are usually mildly annoyed by thee. Not so, yesterday, though. Nay, yesterday, one from among your endless ranks actually got us to crack a smile by letting us take a crack at Sarah Palin. (Say “crack” again … Crack.)

These guys took that whole “Sarah Palin is an easy target” thing very literally, inviting passersby to pay a dollar and win prizes by throwing darts at a Sarah Palin dartboard. Prizes included lollipops with Obama faces, novelty books and “Barack”-oli. (It was broccoli. Get it? That one really tickled our funny bone.) Their punniness extended to their shout out for the Jewish New Year with a sign that said, “Rosh Obama.”

All the proceeds were donated to the Obama presidential campaign.

Image Source: April Angeles

Berkeley’s Thai Temple: the only place, besides Vegas, where you can you find large masses of people eating buffet-style and changing their money into chips in the same place. For those of you who frequent the Asian Ghetto (or is it the Durant Food Court?), Thai House, or Tuk Tuk Thai to get your fix of the flavors of Thailand, consider your life incomplete. Thai brunch is perhaps one of the oddest, most aggressive, and certainly one of the most memorable dining experiences you will ever have.

Tucked within the residential district of South Berkeley between MLK Jr. Way and Otis St., Wat Mongkolratanaram’s Sunday brunch is the equivalent of a cheap Asian restaurant transplanted into the cement backyard of a temple, which also offers Thai language and dance lessons to interested diners. The food is served cafeteria-style (we enviously wonder if their cafeterias in Thailand are really like this) and visitors exchange tokens to receive almost any Thai dish imaginable.

Anyway, we’ve told you about this place before. What can we say? We love our Thai food. read more »

When we read that headline, we were confused, too. Iraq War Teach-In? What is this, a How-To session on waging preemptive wars?

This Friday’s line-up at Zellerbach Auditorium includes a talk on “Pentagon Papers: Secrets and Lies in the Vietnam War and the Iraq War” and “Panel on Torture, Aggressive War & Presidential Power: The Constitutional Crisis”. UC Berkeley undergrad and Iraq War veteran Cleavon Gilman will be giving his spiel, but will also be sharing the spotlight with pacifist Vietnam War veteran Brian Willson. One of the organizers of the teach-in laments that “everyone’s anti-war, but that hasn’t stopped the war”, and hopes that tomorrow’s events will help educate anyone and everyone on the basics of this war against … terror? The Middle East? Right to oil? Oh right, the war for democracy. That’s it. Let the learning begin! read more »

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