Kanye West has a crush on us. When he first landed on the scene, the hip-hop egotist concocted an imaginary “Universecity” and subsequently based his albums on it. We were flattered when he chose a bear as the school’s mascot–whose cuteness admittedly rivals that of Oski’s.

Then, there arose more similarities between West’s persona and the Berkeley campus. We realized that his pashmina scarves, “look-at-me” attitude and bizarre, pseudo-trendy sunglasses are reminiscent of 95 percent of our liberal arts majors–and the way the Louis Vuitton Don milks free speech for all its worth is totally done in stereotypical “Berzerkeley” fashion as well. Such is evident in the anti-Bush remarks he made on live television, and even in his attempt to make like The Daily Californian and join the blog world.

We admit we are feeling special–albeit a bit uneasy–by West’s clearly obsessive fascination with us. What’s next, stealing Nobel Prizes from George Smoot?

According to a skit on last weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live, he’s already been there. Aww hell naw.

Kanye West Skit on SNL [Youtube]
Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People [Youtube]
KanYe West Blog [Universecity]

With Andy Samberg’s movie out on the big screen, it’s time to truly delve into the creative genius that Berkeley produces. Samberg, a SNL castmember, is also a Berkeley native. Back before he presented his dick in a box on live TV, Samberg teamed up with other Berkeleyans Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone to form The Lonely Island.

The Lonely Island group produced/wrote/directed/acted in such gems as “Dick in a Box,” “Lazy Sunday,” and the major motion picture “Hot Rod.” We’ve put our hardcore journalism skills (read: web surfing) to the test to bring you Lonely Island originals.

Make sure you have an extra pair of pants at hand—you may be soiling yourself with laughter.

“Ka-Blamo!” details the ins and outs of being ka-blamo (i.e. cool). Listen carefully, and catch onto beauties like “When a mole’s in your ass and wonder where the mole is, you’re screwed, man—a mole is in your ass.” Very true.

“My Pants” is simple and understated. It’s funny throughout, but you’ll have to wait all of its 30 seconds for the real punchline.

The guys did a few pilots, but no networks picked up their shows. Above is the intro to “Awesometown,” and we’d have to agree that it is pretty awesome, especially the part about the “sensitive” one.

We already knew that Berkeley natives were weird, but these guys are weird AND effing hilarious.

The Lonely Island’s Videos [YouTube]