In the (approximate) words of President Barack Obama, “Yes it can!” Finally, the ASUC has come up with a bill that would both be actually worth considering and might pass without a shit-ton of useless squabbling. (Cross your fingers … )

Now. You may be wondering to yourself, “What, pray tell, could this magical bill be, that will be cool and awesome and will save the student body thousands of needlessly spent dollars?” read more »

Curb your spending, and just maybe you’ll be able to afford all your textbooks and readers this semester. Lifehacker offered an interesting top ten guide to saving, so here’s our ripoff.

Reuse Stuff

Grab a Klean Kanteen–we’ve heard tell they’re the safest and most durable water bottle on the market, though that’s up for debate. Sure, it’s kinda costly for a water-holder, but imagine all the moola you’re saving by saying buh-bye to plastic. Oh, and it’s, like, good for trees or something.

Get some reusable shopping bags (canvas works well), and if you shop at Trader Joe’s, you get the chance to win a discount on groceries. If you shop at Whole Foods (though that’s not really saving money, but OK), you can get an automatic credit on that day’s purchase.

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