Today is a “day of action” for public education, which means you’ll probably run into a “Lay off Yudof” sign during the course of your day. We, at the Clog also find Mark Yudof to be a great source of material, but mostly because we’re fascinated by him.

So before you insist that he be laid off (a claim we have neither the time nor maturity to discuss in detail here), here are some things you might not know about our “stout and self-deprecating” UC president.

Here’s some trivia to get you started: read more »

3087016574_efb07bd162Is your absentee father an embezzling white collar felon? Did your teenage brother set fire to the neighbor’s barn in an act of brash vegan defiance? Has your black sheep, closeted gay uncle pulled a Norman Bates recently?

If you are male and answered “yes” to any of these questions, you might be the next great American scapegoat. Crime investigation experts are in fierce divide over the implementation of the “familial DNA” technique in Colorado and California. read more »