The Dreaded Email

This email came out last Monday, without any warning at all. What followed it was an email from the Office of the Registrar, titled “Telebears for Spring 2013???????,” give or take a couple question marks. This multitude of inquisitive punctuations mirrored the look on our faces: TELE-BEARS ALREADY?! We’ve only been in our current classes for a little over a month, and we have to start thinking about our NEXT semester of classes? Plus deal with the wrath of the telebear? As Berkeley students, we all know the feeling. We have to figure out which classes to take in the first place, refine that list, organize them so that there are no conflicts and nap-time can be fit in, and then do it all again when Tele-BEARS shreds that first plan in an office-grade shredder.

With less than two weeks before Phase I descends upon us, here are some tips to make the best of schedule-planning season:

Talk to your major/college advisor – So we can probably all agree that we are independent students who can handle our own responsibilities! Many extend this to their schedule-building. But so few know that major advisors are such a great and underutilized resource! They know your major best — it’s their job — and can thus show you what classes you need to take, when you need to take them by, degree options that you may not be aware of and, we know this has probably killed a lot of you, which classes are during available in certain semesters. They are here to help you! And they’re hella nice people to boot. Find yours here.

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Tele-BEARS. Most of you should have shuddered at the thought of it unless you’re a chemical engineering major new to Berkeley.

Fall semester is still far from over, but Tele-BEARS demands that you sacrifice your babies now in order to determine your spring semester classes. Okay, maybe not your babies, but it’s still really annoying.

So here are some tips from the Clog to make your sacrifice a bit less painful. read more »

3768198101_34ff711267_oWhether you’re done with midterms for now, just beginning them or in the middle of a hellish whirlwind of exams and essays, you’re probably procrastinating right now. Hello – you are reading the Clog.

On the rare occasion that we commend our neighbors in the South bay, Stanford philosophy professor John Perry won an Ig Nobel prize the week before last for his “structured procrastination” theory. He writes: “The procrastinator can be motivated to do difficult, timely and important tasks … as long as these tasks are a way of not doing something more important.”

Finally our Cardinal rivals get something right. Now you don’t have to click “stumble” 285 times or watch 15 consecutive episodes of “Entourage” (or, we suppose you can justify it as cultural education). You can procrastinate and get off scott-free! Here are five of the things we did today our choice ways: read more »

You’re number 38 on the Wait List, drop the lame course already! Top off your hectic class schedule with something nice and juicy.

*Enroll in a DeCal class for 1-3 units of P/NP credit. OK, so a lot of these classes are pretty weird, but you know what? You’re weird.
*So you think you can teach? The DeCal program is accepting course proposal forms until the end of the month. Please, no more witty “Simpsons” or “Harry Potter” classes.
*ASUC Art Studio classes begin the first week of February. Warning: Dabbling in art practice will make you a hotter person.
*Intern for your favorite student organization. In other words, get units for hanging out with your friends.

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Earlier: Be Cheaper Than You Already Are

Wow, already? The spring 2009 schedule of classes is up (thanks, LiveJournal). Of course, being so early in the game, there’s not much info besides the class title and professor. Nevertheless, it’s never too early to start your scheming.

On Oct. 6, you’ll find out your Phase I allotted time on Tele-BEARS (didn’t we just drop our last class?). Phase I will start Oct. 20, with Phase II following up on Nov. 12. Scary, ain’t it?

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Spring 2009 [Online Schedule of Classes]
via UCB LJ can’t get enough of college football. They released their own opinion of which teams have the toughest schedules and which matchups are the best of the year.

Of course Cal wouldn’t have a schedule ranked in the top 25. Not with powder-puffs like Louisiana Tech and Colorado State on its nonconference schedule.

And of course the Bears/USC matchup in late November will make that top 10 list of games to see. That game should determine the Pac-10 championship and whether or not Cal will go to a Rose Bowl. We know that seems like a broken record, but ever since that loss to the Trojans back in 2004, the Bears haven’t performed well in big games.

Speaking of not performing well in big games,’s Stewart Mandel thinks that Cal has been overrated that last couple of years. Apparently an angry Bears fan was trying to bitch out Mandel for not giving Cal more credit heading into this season.

But Mandel’s can argue right back:

bq. Remember last week when we discussed the carryover effect of Oklahoma’s 55-19 game a few years ago and how it affected the perception of that program? Well, I can’t speak for other voters, but Cal’s humiliating defeat at Tennessee last year had much the same effect for me. This is a program that, for several years, I think many of us slightly overrated in anticipation of a breakthrough that seemed to be coming following Jeff Tedford’s impressive turnaround job. Much of this was based on two games — the upset win over USC in 2003 and the near-upset of the Trojans in ’04. But the fact is, in nearly every big showcase game since then, the Bears have fallen flat, from the Holiday Bowl loss to Texas Tech to the past two USC games to that Tennessee debacle. Beating Texas A&M in the bowl game last year was nice, but I didn’t have that high an opinion of that A&M team to begin with.

bq. So what I’m saying is, I’m taking a little more cautious approach to Cal these days. They’ll certainly be in my preseason Top 25, but I’m not ready to throw the Bears in the national-title mix. The good news is, they have a chance to change my opinion very quickly with their rematch against the Vols opening weekend.

We agree with Mandel. Who have the Bears defeated that was of any note in the last three years? We mean, which good teams has Cal beaten in the last three years? And don’t say Oregon or Texas A&M.

The Bears haven’t proven themselves yet, and when they had the shot of clinching the Rose Bowl last year, they choked in Tucson, Ariz. and then lost to USC the week later.

To gain any street cred, Cal will have to beat someone better than Oregon State.

Image Source: Allison Porterfield, Daily Cal
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