So we were on our way to Yoga to the People the other night, and … what? Yeah we do yoga. The Clog’s gotta stay limber, yo. Anyway, we were on our way to breathe our troubles away in Warrior III, when we stumbled upon this troubling sign. “Free. Free Personality Analysis.” With an arrow pointing straight into the “Church of Scientology Berkeley Mission.”

Any L. Ron Hubbard fanboys out there care to enlighten us? If not, we’ll be forced to attend a “Hubbard Dianetics Seminar” out of sheer, unabashed curiosity. That’s a threat.

Image Source: Kate Mitchell
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An anti-Scientology movement involving no resources, money, physical location or reliable followers sparked a recent U.C. Irvine academic paper, the fruits of which were presented yesterday at the Pacific Sociological Association conference in Oakland.

The paper is called “Project Chanology, Scientology & Memes: Shifting Notions of Movement Frames & Protest Strategy in the Age of Internet Culture.” From what we can tell, these protests seem to be a rick rollin’ way to let off some steam. Pseudo-libertarian stick-it-to-man efforts, like calling in hundreds of pizza orders to the orgs read more »

The Bayonics

… we think. At least that was our impression compared to last year’s Stroll; there seemed to be more musical acts per block than the last few years the Clog has been to the Stroll. Up top you have local Bay Area group the Bayonics (a pun on bionics?), who played at the easternmost side of Solano Avenue for as long as we were at the street festival. read more »

shorts11It appears that Copy Central is owned by Scientologists. Not sure how this is relevant, unless you want to get a copy of Battlefield Earth along with your reader or something. [Berkeley LiveJournal]

It appears that we’re not the only blog in Berkeley. This is news to us. [Berkeley LiveJournal]

If you happen to have an urge to buy a candy bar or soda between the hours of 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. at the Friendly Market on Ward and California streets, you’re out of luck. Guess you’ll just have to go down the street to the next liquor store. [ABC 7]

A) practice a look of genuine interest in the lecture or discussion; B) nod in agreement frequently; C) laugh at all (or at least most) of the professor’s jokes. Advice from educators about how to get the most from college. [New York Times]

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