First it was new Stanfurd head coach Jim Harbaugh making himself look like an ass, and now it’s Les Miles down at LSU.

We’ll preface this by saying that we never thought that we would have to come to the defense of USC, but when someone attacks the conference as a whole, then everyone has to get up in arms and defend the Pac-10.

What did Miles say? He pretty much said that the Trojans have an easier schedule and that they will benefit from it. He also said something to the effect that his Tigers will have a tougher time with tougher competition in the SEC.

bq. “I can tell you that I would like nothing better than to play USC for the title,” Miles said in a speech that radio station WWL made available on its Web site…

bq. “I can tell you this, that they have a much easier road to travel,” Miles said of the Trojans. “They’re going to play real knockdown drag-outs with UCLA and Washington, Cal-Berkley [sic], Stanford — some real juggernauts — and they’re going to end up, it would be my guess, in some position so if they win a game or two, that they’ll end up in the title (game). I would like that path for us.

bq. “I think the SEC provides much stiffer competition.”

And as our friends at The Band is Out On the Field said, Miles pretty much puts Cal in the same breadth as Stanfurd by sarcastically saying that the Bears (and UCLA, U-Dub and the Card) are juggernauts.

Yes, we know that the SEC is probably the best conference in the country. Yes, we know that Cal was smashed by Tennessee last year. But we wonder if Miles remembers the beatdown ‘SC gave to Arkansas last year.

We will always have this debate, and sadly the only Pac-10/SEC game on the docket next year happens to be when the Bears host Tennessee. We’re not going to say that Cal will be playing for the Pac-10 in that game in addition to trying to exorcise last season’s demons, but if the Bears lose, then the SEC will brag all the way until the Trojans beat Miles and LSU in that bowl game Miles wants so badly.

Image Source: Deng-Kai Chen, Daily Cal
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