Jesus Christ. The ASUC continues to eff itself up the A and eff the student body in the process. This time, Attorney General Michael Sinanian claims that the results of Senator John Moghtader’s recall should be invalidated.

Why? Because apparently Moghtader

is now making available to select individuals—after long withholding it for legal reasons—a piece of videotaped evidence that clearly exculpates him from any accusation.

And this mysterious videotape couldn’t have been brought to our attention, oh we don’t know, before the recall happened?! read more »

o-rlyOH SNAP! The ASUC Judicial Council ruled that the recall election of Senator John Moghtader will be delayed due to general last minute-ness. Good save, good save.

Yesterday we were almost gleeful about egg-face ASUC. Now we’re intrigued. Oh, do go on, ASUC.

Per bylaws, the election must be held within four semester weeks. There better be some magic happening, but we’re still hopeful for snafu madness. Will he stay or will he go? More importantly, will both sides treat this like usual crazed election times complete with large signs, flyers galore and people who “walk” (read: follow) you to class?

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justiceThe ASUC is officially made of FAIL now that the Judicial Council rules the recall election for Senator John Moghtader may forge ahead. Somewhere, someone is playing a giant practical joke on our student government.

The election is supposed to take place Jan. 26 and 27, but seeing as that is just a weekend away, we would not be surprised to witness another egg in the face.

While the Daily Cal wags its finger at the petition organizers, we would like to welcome all freshman admits to the glorious state of petty Berkeley politics.

For more information on the hearing, the Cal Patriot blog had a good post on the issue at hand.

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Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

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* Reason No. 4568 why we’re glad we’re getting the heck outta Dodge: oh, just 11,000 over-enrolled UC students. [Daily Cal]

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A handful of Boalt law students seek to recall ASUC Senator John Moghtader. You ask why–we ask why Boalties would care a sniff about the ASUC.

The students decided to take action against Moghtader after receiving the campus-wide e-mail from the Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion Gibor Basri, which asked students to preserve campus values. The petition claims that Moghtader’s behavior has been inconsistent with campus principles of free speech. The recall campaign also follows the fight during Israel Liberation Week.

In order to recall a senator, the petitioners must collect 1,000 signatures to hold a recall election. After that, the ASUC bylaws will need some interpretation. The Daily Cal article explains that

students represented by the senator would have to vote to recall him or her by a two-thirds majority.

And those students would be?

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