The Clog smelled new blood at the Daily Cal — OK, given the context of this post, that’s a distasteful metaphor. We digress. Kristine deGuzman, the Daily Cal’s new anything-sex-related correspondent, made her first appearance in today’s issue. We just couldn’t wait to jump on her with our burning questions.

April Isabel Angeles: Did you have one gigantic, climactic epitome that led you to apply for this – shall we say – position?
Kristine deGuzman: I wouldn’t say it was one gigantic climax, it was more like a gradual, yet pleasurable build-up…you know, as most female G-spot orgasms are.

AIA: Speaking of which, what is your favorite position? Feel free to interpret this question as it pleases you.
KD: Hmm, good question. I like being on top, on bottom, and sometimes bent over. Feel free to interpret this answer as it pleases you.

AIA: Do you have a target audience in mind when you write your columns?
KD: Yeah, I normally write for people who either have sex, would like to have sex, will eventually have sex, are thinking about having sex, or who just think about sex.

AIA: How do you feel about sharing all your tips and tricks to readers?
KD: It gets me off. read more »