San Francisco awoke last week with too many layers on our faces and too little on our body. Collars, choke chains, whips and public urination all made our weekend at Folsom Street Fair exhausting.

Surprisingly, NOT a Roman Cosplay event.
Surprisingly, not a Roman Cosplay event.

At the crack of dawn, and at the crack of a whip, Sunday began what is known as the  “the world’s largest leather and fetish event.” Spectators flocked from around the nation to see what some call the world’s largest hub of “sin, sex and spanking.” Folsom Street Fair is held on the last Sunday of every September on, well, Folsom Street. Despite the enormous and obvious presence, unsuspecting tourists were in for a surprise when their snapshots were tainted with cum-shots and taints. Participants wore everything from full latex suits to nothing but brotherly love and pride. read more »

tumblr_l96b01l36p1qdhmifo1_500Hey guys! Did you know we’re currently in finals season? Yep. That’s why you’re camping out on the internet and refreshing AnonCon every ten minutes. That’s why you can’t find a seat in public ANYWHERE, and that’s also why you’re sleeping and DGAFing more than ever before. And that’s also the reason you’re getting texts from that random guy you hooked up with like, seven weeks ago. Which brings us to our point: we’re all supposed to be drafting finals papers and studying for our exams, so why is it that all we can think about is sex? ALL THE TIME. EVERYWHERE. EVERY WHICH WAY. ANY TIME. ANY DAY. ANY PLACE.

We all use the same reasons every semester. We’re bored, we’re stressed and want to blow off some steam, we’re so antsy and just need to release some energy, the list goes on. Here at the Clog, however, we have some different  (and obviously more scientifically supported) theories about why we’re so horned up.*

Since we’re having so much sex with junk food, we want to have just as much sex with humans too. read more »

5156397109_8778abc8ae_bTaped to anything “tapable” where Montgomery hits Market in SF, are tiny strips of paper advertising the “The Straight Liberation Movement.” We were not aware that straight people needed liberating, with all their attention in the media, over-abundance of marriages (so many that half our wasted on divorce) and what not. But, as the sign leads us to believe, they are still feeling suppressed. Intrigued by the sign, we decided to do some internet research. According to the very lowly research material on the internet, “Straight Liberation” is the fight against the stereotypes placed on heterosexual men and women. Although they may be straight they may not be “super-straight.”

Lets clarify through example. Even though you are a straight man, you may occasionally feel the need to get a pedicure. Clean feet are important to you, and maybe you even add some sheen to your toes with the help of a little clear nail polish. But, whoa, whoa, whoa you are NOT gay. read more »

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened,” a biblical man once said in some biblical book.

Winter break provided some much needed rest for many of our finals-ravaged students. Some took the break to come down from their Adderall high, while others sipped hot cocoa and made snow angels. However, some didn’t see the holidays as calming as others. For those who feel the need to de-stress by committing felonies (see burning christmas tree), there are other ways to do so this year! With midterms rearing around the corner for many people, here are some new ways to avert your frustration…

read more »

as a bat

Sure, you might be thinking about that first time you fell in love and all the world was rosy and perfect and beautiful, but that’s not what we meant. We meant blind in the literal sense. Like Carol, who never wore her safety goggles. That kind of blind.

Why are we rambling on about this?

Because an unfortunate and anonymous individual somewhere in the ether seems to suffer temporary blindness every time he, well, you know … gets a little lovin’.  And since Berkeley PhD students are too busy acquiring an education and all that good shiznit to be getting some lovin’ of their own, we weren’t surprised to find out that it was two Berkeley MCB PhD kids who unearthed this gem of a story … and promptly put it up on their blog. (Oh, the thrills of living vicariously through the online medical community.)

Turns out that the poor sometimes-blind soul our blogger buddies made semi-famous has been suffering from vasoconstriction (muscle-induced narrowing of the body’s blood vessels), and it is this malady that is responsible his bedroom blindness. Lucky for him, some doctor s figured all this out pretty quickly, gave him a dose of something magical, restored his sight and made all the world rosy again. This time for reals.

Image Source: Stacy Lynn Baum under Creative Commons
Man Goes Blind From Having Sex [Fox News]

Ooh, Sex on Tuesday!

Classes begin next Wednesday but the Daily Cal’s fall production schedule starts next Monday (as in three days from now). Now you’ll be able to enjoy the best of sudoku, crosswords and Sex on Tuesday twice as much as during the summer—except for SoT, because everybody knows there is no Tuesday over the summer. Oh yeah, there’s also news and sports and stuff.

Image Source: Genista under Creative Commons


Be sure to pick up your copy of the Daily Cal today for a steaming hot pile of sex. That’s right, today marks the sex special issue, this time with a political slant. Just in time for Valentine’s Day so you can get your freak on.

We recommend checking out:

* Good Vibes weathering the economy
* FemSex’s longevity
* how to avoid Bush-isms in the sack
* the nexus of low cash and dating
* green sex toys (Let it be known that we did pen this one ourselves. We are shameless!)

Also related, the Daily Cal has launched a new sex blog in honor of its longest-running and most popular column. Well, that’ll drive the traffic. Man, it’s as if the world is telling you to go out and bone.

Image Source: Anna Hiatt, Daily Cal
Sex Issue [Daily Cal]
Sex on Tuesday Blog [Daily Cal]

After discovering the latest omen of the world’s coming demise, the Clog encourages Berkeley students to put down their books and enjoy their short-lived time on earth.

We are: the guy or girl who posted the “erotic services” ad, without a phone or valid credit card number. You are: Craigslist, the web site that allowed us to do it and reach our customer base. Now you won’t post our ads and also, you’ve entered into an agreement with attorneys general from 40 states in which you promised to sue some companies that have been helping us get around … the law. And you’re going to start handing over information to the fuzz. WTF? We thought we had a connection! read more »

The Clog smelled new blood at the Daily Cal — OK, given the context of this post, that’s a distasteful metaphor. We digress. Kristine deGuzman, the Daily Cal’s new anything-sex-related correspondent, made her first appearance in today’s issue. We just couldn’t wait to jump on her with our burning questions.

April Isabel Angeles: Did you have one gigantic, climactic epitome that led you to apply for this – shall we say – position?
Kristine deGuzman: I wouldn’t say it was one gigantic climax, it was more like a gradual, yet pleasurable build-up…you know, as most female G-spot orgasms are.

AIA: Speaking of which, what is your favorite position? Feel free to interpret this question as it pleases you.
KD: Hmm, good question. I like being on top, on bottom, and sometimes bent over. Feel free to interpret this answer as it pleases you.

AIA: Do you have a target audience in mind when you write your columns?
KD: Yeah, I normally write for people who either have sex, would like to have sex, will eventually have sex, are thinking about having sex, or who just think about sex.

AIA: How do you feel about sharing all your tips and tricks to readers?
KD: It gets me off. read more »

bananen_frucht.jpg Berkeley already gets a fair amount of credit for being the originator of a lot of stuff. A couple of elements were discovered at Cal, and you probably won’t find tree-sitters–or Code Pink-ers–anywhere else. What Berkeley doesn’t get nearly enough credit for, however, is the fact that it is the official, recognized and fully supportive birthplace of National Condom Week. The week kicks off quite appropriately on Valentine’s Day, and goes until the 21st.

What started out in 1978 as a purely one-campus phenomenon exploded into a nationwide excuse for people to discuss “doin’ it” for a whole seven days. Now, schools and other organizations take National Condom Week as a serious cue to educate young’uns about the evils of unsafe sex–like STDs and, obviously, pregnancy. (Remember that scene in “Mean Girls?” Yeah, kind of like that.) In spite of some of the potential heaviness, there’s at least one major perk (ha) with this whole thing. Planned Parenthoods in the area are giving away free condoms in honor of the occasion. And, if you want to get really into it, you can even go to their website to take the Condom Quiz! We know we learned things we never knew we never knew.

So, in conclusion, what we’re trying to say is that National Condom Week is just another reason you should have school spirit. Now take some rubbers.

Image: Darkone under Creative Commons
National Condom Week [Website]
Planned Parenthood Golden Gate [Website]

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