Believe it or not, the skirt creeper story is a big deal–perhaps even bigger outside the Berkeley campus. Here’s what the local media had to say about Wednesday’s skirt rally.

* Daily Planet has a sick editorial cartoon. And we don’t mean “sick” in a good way. [Daily Planet]

* Video from the Daily Cal. Just say “no” to fear. [YouTube]

* San Jose Merc came all the way up for this? Their tale puts the estimate at 50 people. [Merc]

* This one’s complete with almost up-the-skirt shots and the phrase “this DEEviant.” [CBS 5]

* This guy tells us that the predator “puts his fingers basically where they don’t belong” and reassures us it’s not a “prank.” NSS. [KRON]

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shorts11Unicorn: always imaginary, now nonexistent. The trendy little Pan-Asian restaurant, once the one-stop shop for all your Asian culinary needs, has finally galloped away. We kinda had a feeling that an upscale restaurant with snazzy interior design and complimentary champagne wasn’t really Telegraph Avenue material. Don’t worry, you can still find them in SF. [Yelp]

A reminder: Why would you ever want to pay $50 to dance for 12 hours? Because 1350 children die from AIDS every day. Yes, the two are related. [ASUC]

Jimi’s visage is getting a little (purple) hazier. Apparently there have been early-morning sightings of people attempting to wash away his legacy. First Sather Gate, now this? How are we gonna impress high school tour groups? [UCBLJ]

South Side of Berkeley or South Side of LA? The UCPD says that a “prolific sexual deviant” has committed 11 acts of sexual battery south of campus. Skirt-wearers, beware. [Daily Cal]

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