“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened,” a biblical man once said in some biblical book.

Winter break provided some much needed rest for many of our finals-ravaged students. Some took the break to come down from their Adderall high, while others sipped hot cocoa and made snow angels. However, some didn’t see the holidays as calming as others. For those who feel the need to de-stress by committing felonies (see burning christmas tree), there are other ways to do so this year! With midterms rearing around the corner for many people, here are some new ways to avert your frustration…

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Note: Links are NSFW.

For today’s Daily Cal column on queer porn, I interviewed Syd Blakovich (also known as Shawn), who is involved in the local porn scene both on and off camera. She performs for and Pink and White Productions and co-produces for Pink and White too. In her free time, she also trains in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, muay Thai and mixed martial arts.

Her most recent full-length porn, “Champion,” came out in December, so I thought it fitting to talk to her about what’s going on in the world of porn.

Christine Borden: So what exactly is queer porn?

Syd Blakovich: Big question. Queer for me is kind of like an umbrella term that encompasses a variety of genders and sexualities. read more »