lebowski fest 2If you haven’t heard, the annual Indie Film Festival is going on now until the 18th over in the Mission (Roxie Theater, 16th and Valencia). And as the name suggests, they intend to get people drunk in the most cinephilic of fashions.

The Annual Big Lebowski Party is going down tomorrow, Feb. 12 (no rolling on Shabbos) at CellSpace and guests are encouraged to don their best Dude duds. As the flyer so succinctly advertises, there will be “White Russians! Mini Bowling! Beachside Trampoline Action! Flying Carpets! Nihilists!”

Party starts at 9 p.m. and costs $10, $5 in costume or free with any IndieFest ticket stub. 21 and over: “The Dude abides.”

Image Source: Ruby Elizabeth Lee

shorts11-235x300If you’re into music and culturally enriching experiences and all that jazz, check out the San Francisco Jazz Festival now through late November. By “festival” we mean “lineup of jazz musicians playing in S.F. until November.” [SF Gate]

What do Steve Martin, MC Hammer and bluegrass have in common? If you don’t know the answer to that question then you must have stayed at home watching Hulu this weekend. [SF Gate]

Have you ever slept in the common room because you were sexiled or had to resort to an uncomfortable cough to alert your roommates that their upper bunk dry hump session isn’t as subtle as they think? Students at Tufts apparently haven’t. [The Paper Trail]

If you decided bluegrass or the library (yawn) was a better way to spend your weekend than donning your tutu and raving to techno, don’t worry, here are some pictures. It’s almost like being there: minus the music, the people and the fun. Yeah, it’s really nothing like being there. [San Francisco Citizen]

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Many of our best memories in SF involve things being pelted at us by strangers, but the flash “mob” tradition may be fading away like the bruises we received from being pummeled by pillows (and the occasional couch cushion) this past V-Day.

San Francisco has a history of zombie invasions, urban iditerods and other forms of spontaneous randomness, but after a feathery sludge was left behind after this year’s pillow brawl—clogging drains, flooding a restaurant, and causing over $30,000 in damages—city officials say that it’s time for mobbers to start taking responsibility for their own down. read more »

As campuses across the nation celebrated Obama’s victory with chanting, marching and other merriment in the streets, over 2,000 angered citizens of San Francisco attended a candlelight vigil yesterday in front of City Hall organized by Marriage Equality California. Protesters held signs reading “I woke up with less rights than I had yesterday” and “Separation of hate and state. No on Prop 8!”

West Hollywood also held a rally with over 5,000 protesters, resulting in seven arrests and massive street blockage. The next day another 3,000 protesters marched near a temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Westwood section of Los Angeles, to draw attention to the Mormon Church’s throwing mass quantities of moolah at the Prop 8 campaign. read more »