Spotted: an intense street chalk mural on the corner of Shattuck and Center of a dinosaur running through we have no idea what. The mural also included: read more »

The Clog was at a barbecue last Friday, Sept. 11, where super-professional Daily Cal photographer Nathan Yan managed to get a few snapshots of this individual. Unfortunately, we’re not 100 percent on what, exactly, was going on, though we suspect it was a form of protest.

A few minutes after the flag finished burning, a fire truck came south on Shattuck Avenue to scope things out. By then, the flames were gone, leaving the truck with nothing to do.

Click the picture for a larger version.

Image Source: Nathan Yan

The bad economy strikes again! Did you hear about the 600 “underperforming” U.S. Starbucks Coffee stores that are set to close sometime in the near future? Well, one of them is the Shattuck Avenue and Cedar Street branch, which isn’t really a big deal for students whose life depends on caramel macchiatos. The perpetually caffeinated student will still have the Starbucks at Oxford and Center Streets, thank goodness. Berkeley Hills yuppies and their ubiquitous three-wheeled strollers, however, must travel a little farther for their cup of corporate java.

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