A Berkeley researcher, working with a University of Michigan psychologist, has discovered the secret to feeling better when you’re down. His suggestion? Think of thermometers: “When negative emotions become overwhelming, simply dial the emotional temperature down a bit in order to think about the problem rationally and clearly.”

For those who didn’t understand the scientastic technobabbular doowackness, analyzing one’s emotions from a “distant,” detached perspective has shown to be effective in studies. Apparently some eastern philosophical schools have known this for, like, ever, so props if you’re a practicing meditator.

If you’re interested, the study itself involved participants recalling an emotionally devastating experience with varying degrees of detachedness, from reliving the experience to having their thought process interrupted by unrelated facts like “Sherlock Holmes doesn’t exist, but he wears a hat.” It’s science!

Image Source: Camera Capers under Creative Commons
Step back to move forward emotionally, study suggests [Science Centric]
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