Since our hipster blood runs from our fedoras down to our toes, we cannot neglect our feet. Luckily, a few new shoes have been discovered this week that can replace the hole ridden ones we love so dearly but must tragically leave behind. Both girls and guys have some awesome new options.

20120229_144355Girls: Going to a job interview but reluctant to take off the TOMS? Yes, a common hipster worry. Now there is a solution! Berkeley graduating seniors can now graduate to a more sophisticated style without having to leave the security of the TOMS logo. We can still give one for one to show our future employers just  how generous we are by wearing the new TOMS ballet flat. Our favorite is the Alessandra black and white style. Just released last week and now available at Bancroft Clothing Company, these let our TOMS go from day to night.

The perfect Berkeley shoe has been discovered! Sold at Urban Outfitters and on the Tretorn web page, this wonder is a mixture between a hightop and a rain-boot. We call it “The Hipster Rain Boot.” No more avoiding puddles in order to keep our cool kicks clean and dry. We can keep our urban style even during the most brutal sideways rain that Berkeley can dish out. April showers will be here before we know it. So, hipsters, get your Tretorns!

Image sources: Kara King, Daily Cal