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In a tragic turn of events, a lone gunman armed with three weapons opened fire in a crowded theater at the Dark Knight Rises midnight premier in Aurora, Colorado. Reports shows that 12 have been killed, and 38 others have been injured. The Clog is shocked and horrified by this event, and sends its deepest sympathies out to the families in Colorado. May they rest in Peace.

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When you suspect your daughter of being pimped out and prostituted around, the answer is vigilante action. Take the Batsuit out of the closet and the Batmobile of the cave, and make your way down to SoCal. Or at least that was the alleged solution for 38-year old San Franciscan Barry Gilton 37-year old girlfriend Lupe Mercado. read more »


Happy birthday, Berkeley! Today marks the (official) 141st anniversary of the signing of the charter back in 1868. In case you missed out, there were free cupcakes on Upper Sproul Plaza. We repeat: FREE. [Charter Day]

A reminder: Another anniversary took place this past Wednesday, sans cupcakes. The Iraq War’s been going on for six years now, and what better way to celebrate than smashing windows and spraying red paint across the front of the Marine Recruitment Center? We can’t think of anything either. [Daily Cal]

Speaking of cupcakes, a new study by Berkeley researchers claims to have found the “weight gain gene.” The gene is called DNA-PK and it acts as the switch in the liver that turns carbohydrates into fat. We guess that means people will start saying obesity’s genetic. Oh wait, they already do that. [abc7] read more »

Leave him alone! The latest report on the missing Rice University student states that he may be in Berkeley, but probably doesn’t want to be found. Well, that’s obvious, considering he had a book in his car about changing identities. There was another search today, but we’re not yet sure if it came up fruitful. [Mercury News]

A man who was suspected of injuring four people in a South Berkeley shooting surrendered. That’s one guy with a gun off the streets–out of how many? [Mercury News]

Hipsters are out of hand, and one Time Out New York writer has had enough of their pseudo-rebellious trends. We have, too–neon pink granny glasses and culturally appropriated accessories are so overplayed–but we’ll still wear them, because we’re ironic like that. [Time Out]

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Thankfully, there were no major casualties in a south Berkeley residential neighborhood after a gunman sent one man and three women to a hospital around 1 a.m. The motive is unknown, but there’s no doubt the area is relatively shaken. The shooting follows a streak of sexual assaults in the city, one in which a man exposed himself to an unsuspecting woman who let him into her household.

Just a friendly reminder to Summer Session students, CalSo kids and jaded residents that no matter how deep in the Berkeley bubble you are, always watch your back and lock your doors. Oh, and try to stay away from those train tracks, too.

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Four injured in Berkeley shooting [Mercury News]

Two days after a gunman shot and killed an alleged drug dealer on Durant Avenue, Berkeley’s got another shooting on its hands. This one took place around 3 p.m. this afternoon, at the intersection of Dwight Way and Martin Luther King Jr. The 17-year-old boy, who was shot by another male teenager, managed to flag down a teacher driving by in her car. Eventually, the teacher notified police officers, and paramedics transported the injured victim to the hospital. We’re happy to report that this one doesn’t end as grimly as the other ones have — the victim’s alive and well, if a bit incapacitated about the abdomen area. Which is perhaps due to having been shot there. Yes. read more »

While hundreds of soon-to-be Berkeley grads primped themselves for yesterday afternoon’s Commencement Convocation at the Greek Theatre, the Berkeley tragedy rate went up, again.

Durant Avenue was closed all night yesterday after two people were shot–one, fatally–near the popular hot dog joint, Top Dog. The shooting happened in broad daylight at around 3:44 p.m. and prompted one of the victim’s alleged family members to ask, “Is this Oakland or is this Berkeley?” [Daily Cal, Mercury News]

A takeover-style robbery hit Berkeley’s Cooperative Center Federal Credit Union on Ashby Avenue Tuesday afternoon. The robbers’ car was later spotted in Oakland. Four men were arrested, and $6000 recovered. [Mercury News]

Berkeley City College mourns the loss of 20-year-old student, Billy Carrigan. He was driving his truck at high speeds on Sunday evening near Chester, California when he reached a sharp curve and lost control of his vehicle, which flew into an embankment of pine trees. He died in the hospital Tuesday morning. Carrigan was presumably rushing home after his sister and her boyfriend were found dead the night of their prom. [SF Chronicle]

niu_black_ribbon.gifU.S. News’ Paper Trail has compiled a list of ways students everywhere can show their support for victims of the recent shooting at Northern Illinois University. Five students were killed when a 27-year-old gunman and former student opened fire in a lecture hall on Valentine’s Day–quickly drawing comparisons to last year’s Virginia Tech tragedy. The Clog’s heart goes out to those affected by the shooting.

The Paper Trail ends their post with an inevitable question:

Meanwhile, schools are once again looking inward, evaluating their own mental health and security systems and reminding students that help is available. And they are asking a question that everyone has asked too many times: Could it happen here?

Image Source: Northern Illinois University
Five Dead in Shooting At Illinois University [Daily Cal]
For Northern Illinois, a Show of Support [Paper Trail]

Last night, police found the bodies of a man and a woman lying on the ground outside a white car off of Wildcat Canyon Road in Tilden Park. Police also found the bodies of two children inside the car.

The Chron reports that investigators believe that the shooting may have been a murder-suicide.

bq. A Berkeley man is believed to have shot his two children and wife in the head before turning the gun on himself near Inspiration Point, said East Bay Regional Park Police Chief Timothy Anderson.

Police recovered a gun and a note at the site where the bodies were discovered.

While it looks like police already have an angle that they’re investigating, if you have any information, the police ask that you to call investigators at (510) 881-1833.

UPDATE: Berkeley family may be Tilden Park victims [Inside Bay Area]
4 found dead in Tilden Park [SF Gate]

One Boalt student didn’t distinguish himself at Berkeley. Instead, he jolted UC Hastings School of Law and an online law school community.

On Wednesday, a user named “Trustafarian” posted a dark crack and innapropriate comment on AutoAdmit.com, a law school discussion board. He started a thread called “Just decided not to do a murder-suicide copycat at Hastings Law” in reference to Monday’s shooting at Virginia Tech. Before he edited it, his initial comment read:

I went to bed all set for “Bloody Wednesday,” but when I woke — to sun, to flowers in bloom — I just couldn’t bring myself to suit up.

Maybe tomorrow; I hear rain’s in the forecast.

Hastings, located in nearby San Francisco, took the threat seriously. The school shut down and students evacuated their classrooms on Wednesday.

Investigators found the comment to be a hoax, but Boalt isn’t laughing. Dean Christopher Edley said in an email:

Quickly on the heels of (the criminal investigation) and regardless of its outcome, we at Boalt will consider what disciplinary proceedings might be appropriate. Of course, we are also consulting with mental health professionals.”

The founder of the discussion board put the FBI in contact with the alleged poster, but no name has been released. The FBI and the San Francisco Police Department are currently looking into criminal charges.

The commenter seriously fucked up, and now he or she could get real law experience, acting as the accused and as the defense. Trustafarian, now you can finally use your Boalt education…by defending yourself at Boalt.

If it were up to us, though, you’re already guilty of being a douche.

Boalt student posted fake threat to Hastings [SF Chronicle]
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