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Thursday night the Pacific Film Archive showed a collection of student films entitled “Fleshed Out.” We weren’t sure what to expect from the title until we walked in a few minutes late and we were faced with a 15-foot vagina on the screen. The first film was a disturbing montage of medical consultations … let’s just say there was lots of body hair and penetration.

The second one was about a mock researcher named Sarah Gray who was investigating the “Ego Monster,” a naked bird-like creature with a bulbous stomach that called itself “Fraat” and squawked something about coming from L.A. and being a photographer. We assumed it was some kind of criticism of SoCal Frat boys, but then the film just ended. We found out it was originally part of an instillation for an art class … alright, that makes sense. read more »

Young deer spotted this morning at Shattuck Avenue and Dwight Way. 9-1-1 calls were made, but police weren’t dispatched as the event was not seen as a real problem. Apparently, it’s still all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. [Mercury News]

The Tilden Regional Park has reopened its carousel after 8 months of renovation. Free rides will be offered to first 500 riders during local festivities on Oct. 4 [Contra Costa Times]

Officials discover car in Berkeley believed to be driven by murder suspects of 22-year-old Fairfield Councilman Matt Garcia. Arrests have been made, but police are still searching for 32-year-old suspect Henry Don Williams. [Mercury News]

UC Berkeley scientists set their sights to the sky and discovered a mysterious light source. For 3 months the light got brighter and brighter until it was 120 times its luminosity at the time of its discovery. The light remains unidentified; scientists hope someone else might help to “shed some light on it.” [Fox]

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