As an observer, one of the most entertaining part of a protest are the signs, whether they are clever or just hilariously misspelled. Indeed, one of the signs at today’s protests read, “Politians are dipers.” Excuse me, what are politians, and what are dipers? Oh, you meant to say politicians are diapers … oh. Anyway, here are a few more signs after last week’s onslaught for your enjoyment:


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The Clog was extremely impressed with some of the creative signs that were out on Sproul today. Below are some of our personal favorites. Who did you like best? Vote by leaving a comment in the comments section at the bottom of the page!

1. We’ll never let go …

Channeling Rihanna

Channeling Rihanna...

...and James Cameron

...and James Cameron

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A rainbow mural was taken down. In Berkeley. If there’s a clearer sign that the world is changing, we don’t know what it could be. We expect the four horsemen of the apocalypse to come riding in our direction any minute.

The sign was taken down because the store which put it up also displayed its name on part of the mural in a small space. Apparently the city ordinances do not allow this. Obviously, it’s really harshing the Berkeley mellow.

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At noon today, local Obama supporters held an Obamarama on Upper Sproul Plaza. A group of students carrying a long banner marched through Sather Gate to Sproul steps chanting and pleading, “Come join us! Join us!”

We followed, observing a polite distance. The Obama crew had professional sign twirlers, designated by their almost-offensive red jerseys. We assume the basketball-style jerseys were meant to cry out “We are cool!” We just wondered why people would sign up for this kind of embarrassment.
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