It's cooool, homeslice.

So there we were, right? Just minding our own business, scrollin’ through the ol’ UC Berkeley Events Calendar when we stumbled across this gem of a seminar. Apparently some dudes with P.h.D.s (one of whom got his from Stanford) are coming to International House next Friday, Sept. 25 to give a seminar called “The Science of a Meaningful Life: Forgiveness and Gratitude.

Attendees will purportedly come out of the eight-hour thing being able to … read more »

I'm grateful for not being indoctrinated by expensive, creepy self-help forums.Whatever you do, do not order the Kool-Aid at Cafe Gratitude. OK, so we’re pretty sure you can’t actually order Kool-Aid anyway, mostly because we seriously doubt that Kool-Aid’s considered raw food. Also because it’s not on the menu. But still, this East Bay Express expose definitely turns the local vegan food chain sketchy side out, and you may not want to drink anything they’re pouring after reading it.

The article reports that employees of the cafe are “highly encouraged” to participate in the purportedly life-changing and (surprise, surprise) rather costly “Landmark Forum.”  Managers are reportedly required to attend. Yeah … if something about that doesn’t sound quite–oh, what’s the word we’re looking for here?–legal to you, then you’re probably right. Well, if what many former and current employees are saying is true, in any case. read more »