Believe it or not, the skirt creeper story is a big deal–perhaps even bigger outside the Berkeley campus. Here’s what the local media had to say about Wednesday’s skirt rally.

* Daily Planet has a sick editorial cartoon. And we don’t mean “sick” in a good way. [Daily Planet]

* Video from the Daily Cal. Just say “no” to fear. [YouTube]

* San Jose Merc came all the way up for this? Their tale puts the estimate at 50 people. [Merc]

* This one’s complete with almost up-the-skirt shots and the phrase “this DEEviant.” [CBS 5]

* This guy tells us that the predator “puts his fingers basically where they don’t belong” and reassures us it’s not a “prank.” NSS. [KRON]

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On Wednesday, the skirts will have it. A variety of groups on campus–Berkeley NOW, V-Day and Women’s Identity and Sexuality Small Group–will host a protest of sorts in response to the spate of recent sexual assaults around campus. Last week we blogged about the skirt creeper, but just this weekend he’s added two more assaults to his growing tally.

The rally’s designed to let women “feel safe wearing whatever we choose,” which is important considering that the Daily Cal states that the most recent victims were not wearing skirts. Seriously, someone needs to mace this guy.

When: Wednesday, Mar. 4
Time: 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Where: Upper Sproul Plaza

Image Source: bnittoli under Creative Commons
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