A recent installment of NPR’s news quiz show “Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me” featured our favorite Secretary of Energy, the Chu-miester himself. Spoiler alert: he lost big time. Chu was one for three in a series of Washington General-themed questions appropriately dubbed “You are the losing-est bunch of losers in the history of losing.”

To be fair, Steven admitted at the top of the segment that he’s always felt like the slacker of the Chu clan, what with his high school drop out Baby Bro, Attorney at Law talking himself into UCLA and receiving a PhD at age 21 and Big Bro, M.D. rocking two PhDs and a professorship at Stanford.

Poor Steven. Now excuse us while we go shoot some sub-par free-throws in a leper colony.

Image Source: Brookhaven National Labratory under Creative Commons
Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me [NPR]