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Two seconds on the lips is two inches on the hips.

Before you reach for that apple pie, think of the space between your thighs.

If you’ve still got your Halloween candy load, props to you, but that’ll run out soon. Thanksgiving is coming up and the feast will be spectacular as ever. The last round of midterms are forcing you to reach for your fourth bowl of cereal at two in the morning. It’s hard enough trying to maintain weight while at college, especially in Berkeley where food is a way of life. The Clog understands, sympathizes and hands you an imaginary handkerchief.

However, this doesn’t prevent us from going balls-out when it comes to our latest crawl: Fantastic French fries in Berkeley.

Sorry, but your thighs will have to deal with a tiny bit of less space if you decide to wholeheartedly jump in with us on exploring several of the places with golden, fabulously crispy, unbearably sultry potatoes that your mouth can indulge in.

Bon appetit.

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2637510864_c17f217652Everyone grooves to a different beat — catchy pop on the radio, your favorite local indie band, the awesome album you picked up from that random rapper on the corner by Smart Alec’s ( … or not).

So what about “music for riots?” A “Dr. Seuss world of sound sculptures?” A violinist who “who plies the barbed-wire fences of Australia’s outback?”

From Sept. 3 through Sept. 18, BAM/PFA will host a series entitled “Sounding Off: Portraits of Unusual Music.” Featuring five films that showcase musical experimentation from around the world, the program highlights an overarching challenge to the art of sound production as we know it.

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smart alecsWe noticed this sign on the door of Berkeley’s favorite “intelligent fast food” restaurant about a week ago and we figured it was merely temporary.

But today we noticed the sign was still up, but mysteriously, no repairs seem to have been made in the meantime. Which leads us to speculate that  ”closed for repairs” might be code for “closed for an abnormally high volume of A-paper forgeries leading to an excess of free fries and a subsequent profit loss.”

If anyone has the deets, shoot ‘em to the Clog, por favor.

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It’s Christmas come early at the Clog, boys and girls. Considering how long it’s been (read: over five months) since we last cleaned out our comment closet, we’ve got a veritable Santa’s bag of goodies this time around.

Where O where to begin? Perhaps an appetizer featuring unexpected “your mom” jokes? Or maybe you prefer to whet your taste with a tall glass of ummm-fair-enough?

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shorts11-235x300Calling all Bay Area hipsters music lovers: the time for Treasure Island Music Festival has almost arrived. Make sure to check out the “Ferris Wheel Confessions” booth, the live mural wall or the Madu Salon booth for a complimentary hair cut. [Site]

Still figuring out your Halloween plans? Instead of partying at the co-ops or trying to weasel some shame-tainted candy out of your neighbors by reliving your youth, change it up with a Halloween-themed concert. [The SFist]

With the university endowment down 30 percent, cookies are no longer being served at Harvard faculty meetings and students are now being denied a hot breakfast. Well, they may have raised our tuition, but at least they haven’t taken away our breakfast. [The New York Times]

A recent health inspection at Smart Alec’s found a few rat droppings near the cash registers, but don’t worry, they still have an ‘A.’ No biggie. [Daily Cal]

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