Smoking is bad for you. So is secondhand smoke, and our world would be much healthier without it.  You know this. And now thanks to a new Berkeley Lab study, we know that third-hand smoke is bad for you, too.

Hugo Destaillats, a chemist with the Indoor Environment Department of Berkeley Lab’s Environmental Energy Technologies Division, described it this way:

“The burning of tobacco releases nicotine in the form of a vapor that adsorbs strongly onto indoor surfaces, such as walls, floors, carpeting, drapes and furniture. Nicotine can persist on those materials for days, weeks and even months.”

And when it stays, it reacts with “ambient nitrous acids” to form things called TSNAs.

Not scared yet? Do you scoff at the read more »


To be perfectly blunt, Memorial Glade acquired a pretty pungent aroma this afternoon following the ceremonious arrival of hundreds of students who hit the central campus grass amidst blazing temperatures in joint reverence of … wait, what were we talking about again?

Oh, right: 4/20. While schools like UC Santa Cruz and the University of read more »

Berkeley has an “A” in air quality from the American Lung Association, making us way cleaner than many other bay area cities who don’t really care to protect their residents from secondhand smoke. Now if only the city could get an “A” in protecting us from Berkeley’s other rampant city scents–including street grime, hot garbage, hippie sex and piss. Although we suppose that was the purpose of the Public Commons for Everyone Initiative. [Marin Independent Journal]

The music department mourns the loss of renowned composer Jorge Liderman after he was hit by a Richmond-bound BART train yesterday morning. Witnesses and investigators are throwing around the word “suicide,” though this has yet to be confirmed. [San Jose Mercury News]

In lighter news, Berkeley City Council members now possess free, all-expense paid trips to hell. We’re not lying. An anonymous donor sent a gift basket to each member of the Berkeley City Council this weekend that includes “Each council member’s name entered into The Complete Book of Damned Souls,” a “Certificate of Reservation for the council,” and “A One Way Ticket to Hell on the Express One Stop Hellevator™.” As you may know, the council is currently under national scrutiny for pandering to the ridiculous demands of Code Pink’s recruitment center protesters. [Free Press Release]

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