What can you do with a major in art history? To answer this question, take a trip to the career website and look at the dreary post-graduation statistics for art history majors. It’s no wonder why Jon Markell–a Cal art history alumnus–chose the road of desperation by pursuing an adventurously profitable (albeit, temporary) starring role in “Indiana Jones and the Tax Deductible Artifacts!”

According to The Daily Californian, Jon Markell and his wife, Cari–both owners of the Silk Roads Gallery in Southern California–inflated the appraisals of stolen Southeast Asian artifacts for smuggler Robert Olsen. This allowed for profit whenever the couple assisted Olsen with museum donations, whose recipients may include the Berkeley Art Museum.

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Up through the end of finals, the staffs of the Doe and Moffitt Libraries will be on full alert for expected increases in the smuggling of foodstuffs. Students living in libraries for the last week have had to act surreptitiously to remain well-nourished.

Library staffs have been regularly patrolling these study areas with garbage bags and confiscating everything edible. These patrolmen and women are so confident in their ability to spot even a crumb that they boldly announce their presence in hideous bright lime t-shirts. Apparently, having any sort of fashion sense is not a prerequisite for being a library administrator.
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