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We’re sure you’re no stranger to the staggering amount of bizarreness on the internet. There are robots posing as people, people posing as robots, too many porn sites to count, videos about everything, videos about nothing … the list goes on.

Keeping that in mind (for the rest of eternity, of course) and scrolling through some of our recent blog posts the other day, we came to realize that The Daily Clog is the lucky recipient of many strange and interesting comments. Here and now, we’re taking the liberty of posting some of our favorites for you (with some sassy commentary, would you expect any less?).

For starters, let’s examine the wonderful make-up brush cleaning tutorial provided for us by Eunice Choi just a couple days ago. Some of the comments provide great feedback and response to the piece. Debbras Canas, for instance, a seemingly veteran comment poster, offered and interesting point of view:

“Hey Kez,Nice pics are you single The danish coach”

Now, just a few follow-up questions. Who is Kez? Why doesn’t Debbras like question marks or periods? What about the Danish coach?! Robt Dumeny, on the other hand, had a very different perspective: read more »

DSCN5607 If you’re a Berkeley student, you probably got a bizarre message in your inbox this afternoon with the cryptic subject-line: “What Cal Student Want: Do You Agree?”

After determining – with some degree of difficulty – that the message was not spam, we found that it was simply a request to take a survey from the UC Berkeley Operational Excellence Student Services Initiative. So we obliged and took the survey. It’s true: most of the improvements noted were indeed things that we, as “Cal student,” want.

But it got us thinking: “what do we want, really?” Intelligible, proper grammar? Nah. We want to take surveys.

Student Affairs and Operational Excellence [Site]