… and MSN City Guides can’t stay. Er, not for long, at least. Well, you know what they say–”If you can’t take the Berkeley, get out of the Berkeley,” or, uh, something like that. [MSN, via SFist]

… cold enough to snow in San Francisco, apparently. And in all the high hills from Sonoma to Santa Cruz. But … no, no. We couldn’t possibly hope that–perhaps, maybe? Down here? Murphy’s law? Seriously, if there are snowball fights in Berkeley the day we get back to SoCal, we’re going to punch someone in the throat. [SFist]

… and it’s only getting colder for the university’s money supply (or hotter, depending on whether you favor a “Financial Armageddon” by fire or ice.) You know something’s really up when R-Birge sends out a 1,843 word-long “message” to the campus community about the “Current Economic Situation.” We’ll admit we skimmed it, but that’s all it took to get the gist: we’re f*cked. [CalMail]

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Dear Crossroads,

It does not snow in Berkeley. Especially not indoors. Please stop trying to get our hopes up, just so you can strike them violently down onto the food-splattered linoleum floor of disappointment when we walk in and the salad bar does not, in fact, have icicles glinting from its eaves and the ground is not at all covered in a delicately shimmering layer of fresh powder and the air smells nothing like evergreen. It is deceptive and mean.

Thank you for your consideration,

The Daily Clog.

Image Source: Jill Cowan